Gaijin The player has planes, but no radar, no control of the radar

Players need complete control of the radar, players spend time and even money, and then their aircraft’s radar system is not operated by them. The automatic radar control in the game is simply redundant, and there is no option to turn it off

Im pretty sure you can manually control (almost) every aspect of your radar…

Hey bro, I don’t think you have experienced adjusting the radar mode, but when it comes to fighting, the radar switches to the mode you don’t really want. Not to mention that in the next game update, all MiG-23 players will not be able to adjust the MTI radar mode on their own. In this case, can you say that the radar control is in the hands of the player?

he means that due to the current automatic radar mode shifting… gameplay is hampered as well as SARH efficiency.
i share his view and am in favour of the changes being reverted.

Oh mb, i thought he meant like radar elevation, range, etc

Sorry friend, my expression skills may not be very good

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Thank you for the explanation

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