Gaijin support will help me fix my Xbox friends list problem

I can’t show a video of it because Xbox cannot capture the Xbox UI, it only records inside the game that’s running.

The problem is that when I remove a friend who has an Xbox account, it brings up the Xbox UI and lets me remove the friend on Xbox. But they are already removed as a friend on Xbox, and I want to remove them from the War Thunder client.

The War Thunder client keeps sending me to the Xbox UI which doesn’t help. I need War Thunder to delete the friends from the War Thunder client. Removing a friend on Xbox does not change the friends inside the War Thunder client. My friends list is 98/100 full and I don’t even know these people nor can I remove them.

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… yay, hope it gets fixed, or at least it’d be good if they’d nuke my friends list.

This issue can only be solved with Gaijin Support, you’re in the forums.