Gaijin support not responding

Hi fellow gamers, i am having trouble with gaijin support, i have no idea why my ticket is unanswered. I created this ticket 72h+ and nothing.

English is not my language, some times i find hard to make my self clear, if you have trouble understanding, i can help you.

So the following " " is my exact ticket to gaijin. If you know anything that can help with my problem, fell free to leave a comment.

Another thing: this ticket was created under the category “others” and 19h ago i created the same ticket under the category “financial issues”.

"Hello and good afternoon!

I need some help with my account, i would like to buy premiun time on website store, but its not giving my region (Brazilian BRL) price tags on itens, its giving me CNY, i believe its chinese money. I would like to see and pay with my local money.
Observation: i want to buy 180 days premiun, if i pay 150 CNY (sale right now), i would pay 100 BRL (my local money). I have another gaijin account with the right location, and 180 days premiun its 53 BRL (almost half the CNY price).
I really dont know why the store is giving me chinese prices, and would love to change that.

IF, only if, this ticket takes to long and i miss the sale, could you give my a special coupom to pay the same price as today?

Observation: cleared cache and cookies, changed my profile`s settings place of residence to Brazil, nothing changed.

I thank you for your attention and time!"

After the text i sent 3 pngs: 1° showing the conversion CNY to BRL. 2° CNY price. 3° BRL price.

Well i hope i can find some kind of answer here, since the snail hate me =(
I’m open to any suggestions on this subject

Thx in advance guys!

support doesn’t care what you want


But it’s not what i want, it’s what i need, what the store should be. I dont have to pay double of everything on store because of a bug or something else.

I don’t want to discourage you, but I’ve been in this struggle for at least 5 days, and it hasn’t been resolved. If you take a look here in the forum, there are other people with the same issue regarding price regionalization. The initial response took a whopping 4 days to appear, and now I’ve been waiting for almost 24 hours for them to review my response with all the proof of residence and everything else. Unfortunately, this event is very likely to be lost.

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Issues with Support can only be resolved on
We cannot help you here, but there is something to note:

Depending on the volume of open tickets and newly opened ones, a response can take a few days. A support ticket is not a 1-to-1 chat channel, support agents do not sit there just to answer a specific ticket, there are maybe thousands or more other tickets that need to be reviewed, some of them might even have a higher priority (Like account security, etc.)

Please be patient, they will get back to you 🙂