Gaijin support is not answering the tickets ive sent

Hello guys newbie here so i had a little dummy stiuation going on with premiums i bought f4s phantom II pack cause my country been using them for long time even we got a nicname for them ‘baba’ so decided to buy it with %50 off but due to some technical difficulties(being dumb and not paying attention) i bought it to wrong account i simply searched online and found out it can be transfered(im not that sure tho) so decided to send a ticket but the support is not answering the ticket it’ve been 2 days and no response i dont know about chirstmast holiday or anything like that and the article about their worktimes i gues is not oppening so heres my question is it normal or not should i grind new account or wait till they transfer it.Anyway sorry for long ahh text thank you and have a great holiday

Its the holidays and they have been dealing with a DDOS attack. I doubt you get it transferred. The best you can probably hope for is a refund. And… I would not mention the multiple accounts because that is a violation of Gaijin’s TOS.