Gaijin store purchase

So im a ps4 user and bought the mig23 ml last night on the gaijin store, i havent recieved it yet on my ps4 is there a reason why?
Also i havent played in ages so i dont know if anything has changed or whatever lol

Just saying, you’ll want to hit up support, because this account you are posting on looks like you haven’t played on it, and I’d say you maybe have a second account that you made ‘another time’ and you’ve used the same email as your playstation account, and that could mean you’ve logged into that one on the store, and have bought the other account the vehicle.

I mainly say that because your profile doesn’t mention the Playstation network as the normal playstation players have.

Yeah ive hit up support already but you know how theybare… thought i might get some luck from another user…

I did make another account by accident on my brothers ps5 and hes checked that for me and it hasnt shown up on that either…

This is pretty much the only one i play on and have been for about 2 years lol

Thanks anyway for suggestions 🤙

Weird, because your forum account shows no battles… Maybe you even have a third account O_O

Give support some time if they haven’t hit you back, it is the weekend after all.

Its not the best record cause i was playing with 1 hand for about 4 months with a broken wrist 😅

But i deffs dont have a third account lol

Just quickly… if i was to link my ps4 account to pc, would that end up working for me to get the pack i bought?

Being that this forum accounts name is 1 at the end, it’s definite a duplicate.

What’s likely to have happened is that you’ve signed up with the same email and created an account at some stage, and it’s very likely it is on that duplicate.

The PS4/PC link/migrations keep your PS account, and you can only buy the original accounts platforms packages and such I think.

I feel as though if you contact support they should be able to do something as long as you leave the other account alone entirely, and let them do thier thing.

If anything, you’d have to get the refund, then log in via the correct method to your PSN based accounts market/storefront, and buy whatever is available on that one (As the availability of packages and such is different).

That is weird! But its the same email and everything on my ps4. Honestly dont know whats happened… ive only recently made a profile for the forums lol

Aaahhh okay so thats a no go then face palm

Well next time im at my brother ill log in using the same details as my ps4 so there wont be an issue in the future…

Sooo basically whenever i want to buy something just use the ps store instead of going online to gaijin ?

You’d wanna check with a playstation user who has migrated to be honest, but I just know that even after you migrate, you still only have the packs and stuff from the original platform available whereever they do actually go through.

The reason is, because you cant buy packs with a Console account in the Gaijin Store, only GE would be possible

If you read the thread, you’d figure out that they’ve got a second account that they’ve bought it for due to the account name on the OPs account, not matching the name on the screen-selfie…

Yeah i a mate of mine has done that but hes a bit unreachable at the moment.

Going by what dontkev said… i probably shouldve double checked before i got excited 😅

Thanks heaps fellas! Hopefully i get a refund 🙏

Might see yous up in the air some time 🤙

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