Gaijin should unlock all new vehicles for everybody in test server

What’s the point of devserver if ppl can only stare at the new vehicles? I mean yes you can submit issues about the inaccuracy of the vehicle, but some defects or bugs of a vehicle can only be found out when you actually have your hands on it.
I believed similar suggestions like this have been mentioned before multiple times.

Should gaijin unlock all new vehicles for all the participants in the devserver?
  • Yes
  • No
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I see no reason to not do this. If you aren’t already close to unlocking a vehicle, you won’t be getting any of the new top tier stuff.

It’s especially bad since the ground battles are incredibly unbalanced, and a pain to grind.

The whole point of a test server is to test stuff, and you can’t do that unless you arbitrarily grind for it.


It’s to test existing vehicles as well as new, not just new.


I see the benefit, as more people playingeans more accurate data which would be able to point out more kinks and flaws.

I also however see the negative, as we wouldn’t be able to guess performance of vehicles already in game against the new vehicles.

So fifty fifty here, could go either way. I wouldn’t mind it at all, and I think it has the potential to be good. But also. I see as to why it isn’t an option right now.

Edit; Id also love to hear some of Gaijins reasoning behind the needing to unlock stuff. I’m sure it is good and has some reasoning we as consumers can’t necessarily see that the developers can. Is there any mod that could give an answer for us as to why?

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If they unlocked everything then people wouldn’t test the low tier additions, it’s a test server for Gaijin’s benefit, not yours.

Also players coming into the dev server to play jets for the first time would create a bunch of useless data from player who don’t know what they’re doing.

I do agree though that when they add a brand new tree they should make it pretty free to grind seeing as for example, no one had any Benelux vehicles unlocked before the server so the only people who can try them are those that pay.

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would make a whole lot of sense because then silly bugs like the ones that have been happening recently wouldn’t happen

The dev server is a hype server. Nothing else. Gaijin expects you to grind for everything even stuff you will not keep.

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Simple as.

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It would just make whales more inclined to spend money, too. So a win-win.

What about if they gave people access based on a lottery type thing?

Maybe when you join the dev server you either get access to every new vehicle or access to all vehicles besides the new ones and have to unlock the new vehicles(the way the current dev server works)