Gaijin Should add the guided shells for some SPH's?

So the Krasnopol weapon system is a form of shell that is fin-stabilized, semi-automatic laser guided artillery weapon system. It automatically ‘homes’ on a point illuminated by a laser designator, typically operated by a drone or ground-based artillery observer. which means that you could add drones to some modern SPH’s like the G6, M109A6, 2S3 and the PLZ-83. this would make artillery roles more fun.

Give 'em scouting drones and you have yourself a knockoff BMP-3

Drones could be good for them, if they of a high enough BR. But the rest, probably not. Because, fire cross map, hit a target. repeat. Wouldnt be fun gameplay for anyone else. Buddy lazing doesnt exist and so youd either fire the shell, swap to drone and lase the target quickly or it would be self-guided. Either way, maybe a tad OP


I don’t think adding non-line of sight artillery would be a great idea. If you’re not behind cover, anyone could kill you without moving from their spawn.

Maps are too small for it anyway. That kind of shell is for when you’re shooting like 5+km, even the largest maps are only like 2km. Plus, people would hate getting killed across the map by an SPH they couldn’t see and couldn’t do anything about even if they knew they were there. Giving them drones would be good, but not the guided shells.

  1. Maps too small really, sure some mortar systems could do it but still not really a fair system. No retaliation/protection, you can play 100% correct and will still lose every single time.

  2. god no, it was annoying as hell in other games, dont need that here. Sure, give some systems a drone at a higher BR and let the player try and coordinate their own strike, but laser guided? God no. People get upset with laser guided bombs as is.

  3. god no part 2, the return of the nope. Imagine 2 or 3 vehicles with this ability sitting far back just blanket striking anything that doesnt move for 20 seconds… it wont be fun, it will be game crippling, not to forget of course everyone will be jumping into them and it will just become laser arty warfare (other games only allow X amount of certain vehicles, GRB doesnt have that).

Can’t wait to have drone-guided artillery fights from spawn to spawn!

People can already do this with vehicles like the BMP 3 and upteiring the CEV/AVRE/other similar vehicles using teamwork and dont spam it to all hell/it isnt really that overly powerful, it takes repeated shots to try and hit usually or a lot of skill.

Current systems are obviously not really an issue. A laser guided strike would hit first time, every time.

Yeah, but none of those use laser-guided shells. As you said, adding those in conjunction with scout drones would make them extremely accurate.