Gaijin Server is worse every years

after almost 5 years i’m playing this game i feel like it is only me or the Server connection is kinda worse every years, there is Packet loss on every server and also Ping is spike up sky high make it unplayable how are we suppose to grind when the you can’t even move your tank bc the High PL and High ping not to mention the long ahhhhh processing operation when you try to send some tank to holidays or Purchasing the Modification that take like 2 mins done processing, Go get a good Server and stop using the cheap one so you can get sum of the “funding” or “money that wallet warrior pay for the worse decision of jump into top-tier match while you have no idea how to play and ruin the Top-tier Match making” into your pocket

Packet loss is usually your ISP or DNS connections.
It’s almost never their servers, so if you’re not on Cloudflare or Google DNS services, I’d have a talk with your ISP.
Granted, you should be on fiber Internet if at all possible.

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I work as an electrician for a company that sets up internet for gaming competitions etc
I do know from the experts that the connection between you and any online game is incredible in terms of lag caused by a whole number of things.Even the number of local people on the net is a big one.

Alvis Wisla is correct here,it really is likely to be you not the Game servers and by you I mean your area,town ,country even.

My system is hardwired at home and fibre around but I am still subject to all the fluctuation between my house and the game server possibly thousands of miles away.

Get a proper ISP and spend at least $150 USD on a modem, don’t use the stock one they are garbage.