Gaijin REFUSING to add spall liners to Chinese vehicles

There are multiple acknowledged spall liner reports for many Chinese vehicles.
In the previous update, people quickly started reporting on spall liners due to the T-90M being added as the sole vehicle with spall liners.

During the dev server, numerous spall liner reports were sent and acknowledged.
Including those for the Chinese ZTZ-96A, ZTL-11, ZTZ-99A, VT-4A1, ZTZ-99II, ZTZ-99III, WZ1001 and MBT-2000. All of these vehicles had plenty of images and data showing their internal spall liner.

And they were acknowledged. All reports made at the same time during the same dev server.

Once the update rolled around, only the Swedish and German Leopards, including the Swedish CV90s (C variant) got their FULL spall liners. And the Challenger 2 got a more meager spall liner.

Vehicles such as all of the Swedish Strv122 variants - which were already THE BEST TANKS IN THE GAME, got their FULL spall liners, no questions asked.




Meanwhile, reports made on the MULTIPLE Chinese vehicles having spall liners AT THE SAME TIME:

Spoiler // Issues // Issues // Issues // Issues

Multiple reports, of which some were compounded into other reports (and labeled “duplicate” - but essentially there are maybe ~3 more reports that weren’t acknowledged, but were funneled into these reports with their own extra data). ALL ACKNOWLEDGED.


More can be seen in the forum’s Chinese VT tanks discussion, as well. China Norinco VT series MBTs, History, Performance & Discussion - #284 by Miraz05



And when the update released? Nothing.


Nearly two weeks ago - the dev server for this morning’s update “Alpha Strike” came out. With the Chinese ZBD04A being added.

During the dev server, ONCE AGAIN, a report WAS MADE AND ACKNOWLEDGED - saying that the Chinese ZBD04A has a spall liner.


Don’t forget the NINE Chinese vehicles with acknowledged spall liners from 3 months ago.

And today - I’ve downloaded the update and… the ZBD04A doesn’t have a spall liner.


None of the other Chinese tanks have spall liners. (The pictures I’ve posted above were actually taken just now on the live server). That’s a total of TEN CHINESE TANKS with ACKNOWLEDGED SPALL LINER REPORTS - NOT HAVING SPALL LINERS WITHIN 2 WHOLE UPDATES!

Is this not unfair? Swedish and German Leopards and CV90s get their full spall liner coverage in an acknowledged report during the dev server in the PREVIOUS update in which a total of NINE Chinese tanks had acknowledged spall liner reports AT THE SAME TIME - AND, TODAY, AN ENTIRE UPDATE LATER, none of them have gotten their spall liner ON THE LIVE SERVER.

And the NEW Chinese vehicle being added, with its spall liner being reported AND ACKNOWLEDGED in the NEW update’s dev server - also hasn’t gotten its spall liner, unlike how these other vehicles did.

And somehow, people are surprised that there’s Chinese people flooding the forum with unsavory comments? This is truly insanity.


Welcome to the “no spall liner because they look like a backplate” gang my guy, the M1s embrace you.

We feel your pain, hopefully gaijin actually stops for a second and actually gets around to properly adding liners to vehicles, but as of now it only seems like they are interested in bolt on liners or hung fabric liners, which is disappointing.


That’s the problem. They ACKNOWLEDGED the spall liners. Unlike the Abrams.
They ACKNOWLEDGE that they have spall liners, but they just haven’t added them.

They acknowledged that there are spall liners in a few parts of the M1 already, none of them got added.

The same thing also occurred with the Merkavas.

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They acknowledged for Abrams,Ariete, Leclerc and Stryker series months ago yet none of them recieved their Spall liners.

China isnt the only nation that suffers.

They never said or confirmed that Abrams uses any type of spall liners. Stryker will have it.




Reports have been acknowledged, they are probably looking at details whether Abrams had proper Spall liners or not.

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The Abrams does not have a spall liner, nor has it been acknowledged.
The Ariete does have a spall liner in the turret, but that’s only 1 vehicle with a few variants. (Still absolutely true). Italy is definitely a nation that suffers more than China.

Tell me you have no idea what you’re talking about without telling me you have no idea what you’re talking about.


No, with Gaijin logic, anytype of last coating inside the tanks will not be consisdered as spall liner, they refused a doc from CIA stated that the NBC coating for modern Tanks from USSR acts like spall liner (any T-55A and later).
Beside, Abrams uses Kevlar vest for crew to protect againt spall but with that, all tanks just has higher endurance/HP and change nothing.

İts up to them to accept the report and implement it, personally i would like to see the implementation for Abrams but if they dont do that then its fine i guess.

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They have “acknowledged” a lot of things, like spall liners on the Stryker MGS, the fact that they got the penetration values of the M735 round wrong (significantly, and still haven’t reverted the changes even with their calculator), Ariete spall liner, etc. etc. acknowledged means nothing other than it’s been read.
That’s just how it is. C’est la vie. It’s not just China that gets to experience this.

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All those images appear to show very clear welds with no spall lining.

Compared to the VT-4.

I’ve also seen Americans claim they wouldn’t use “drapes” (such as the ones used on the Leopard 2A7V, CV90s), but the M3A3 has very visible “drape” spall liners so I don’t think that’s quite correct either.

Regardless - this is the Chinese spall liner thread, for vehicles that absolutely without a doubt have spall liners. I am of the personal belief that the Abrams M1A2 SEP V3 does have spall liners - but that the V2 and below do not have spall liners. Still - I would like to focus on the topic of my thread.


Yet you didnt even checked what was in that report and claimed such report didnt even exist and acknowledged.

Fair enough.

It simply feels quite unfair that the nation with the most vehicles missing spall liners has no spall liners. At least America got them on the M3A3 Bradley (albeit not very useful ones), and Italy is only lacking them on the Ariete and turret spall liners on HITFIST-based vehicles. France only on the LeClerc.

I just want to have SOME spall liners in the Chinese tree.


lemme rephrase it, chinese tanks are known for plastic MBTs, so adding spall liners wouldn’t change people from shooting the front low part of the tank which is absolutely a big one shot death.

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spall liners must be removed from the game.

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That’s fine, too.
Either remove them or give them to everybody all at once.


FYI this is different from the type of Spall Liner on the Chinese Tanks, and its not implemented in the game IIRC. M1A2’s didn’t had Spall Liners either according to this source


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That source is for the purposed bolt on interior additional spall liners those are not what got passed along and were never installed onto any M1s.

This, same goes with a bunch of other features but spall liners are vastly too capable right now when compared to tanks without them, there is no reason that there should not be parity present.

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