Gaijin PLEASE fix Lav-AD Hydra 70 rocket aiming

@Stona_WT This has been a problem for a long time. When using the Lav-AD with the Hydra 70 rockets, and shooting at ground vehicles or any target, you cannot directly aim at the target and hit it. For some stupid reason you have to aim way higher than the target to hit it. If you put the reticle exactly on the target, the rockets go low into the ground.

If the main cannon is aimed right on target and works properly, and if I have the Hydra 70 rocket pod binded to a separate button but the Hydra 70 doesn’t work properly, why is it affected this way that you have to guess where to aim, often wasting the first 1 or 2 shots to get on target? It makes no sense.

Is this a bug that just has never been addressed or not fixed, or is it a bad game mechanic that needs to be corrected?

Try playing the vehicle and see. Bind the Hydra 70 to it’s own control, and fire on target. It will go to the ground. You have to aim way high. This is beyond efficient and makes no sense. It’s not even your new crazy missile pattern where you have them dropping down when launched before straightening out. This aiming mess up on the Lav-AD has been happening for at least a year.

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It is Not a bug and not a broked mecanism. Rockets just have a very less speed than bullets shooted by the 25mm gun.

If you want, i doing a sight for aiming with rockets.

Well my problem is I play on Ps4. So condole cannot use custom sights. Thus, I believe if you put the reticle on target, it should fire on target. It doesn’t really add up even with what you’re saying anyway, regarding the speed. Because the enemy can be very close to me and it still fires way too low. Just doesn’t seem correct.

Although that would be nice if us console players could use custom sights. I’ve considered this for a while.

no luck.

We are not in World of Tanks. Aiming is differente for all differents ammo.

The speed of rockets and placemement of the container give that particular trajectory. It is same case for all differents weapons on others vehicles (Sherman Calliope for exemple).

Yes, I do understand what you’re saying. But now that we talk about it, it confuses me even more. Because if you look at the vehicle, the rocket pod sits above the main machine gun. So consider it could be a fairly short to medium shot range, it would make sense that it should not go so low so soon. I don’t know the specific range that the rocket should drop at such a rate. But it just seems way too low too fast.

Considering condole cannot use custom sights, why doesn’t Gaijin raise the rocket pod trajectory automatically so that the reticle represents an accurate shot, to an understandable range? I believe this would be a good thing to implement that wouldn’t be anything to give anyone any benefit over another, it would just make this vehicle be able to be used in every way as it should be, imo.

By conscensious, i re-test my sight for check if the trajectory have been modified:

No problem on that:

Maybe add for console additional sight directly in the game for tanks who have that sorts of weapons.

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Yes, I believe Gaijin should add the sight for this type of vehicle where it is needed, if they are going to keep the aiming this way. We have the option and the ability to range find, to find the appropriate range to target to be accurate. Once we do, it adjusts and puts the reticle on target. The reticle is always on target unless we manually move it off target and guess at our shot. So even with rockets, or with any weapon, the reticle should always be accurate to the target as possible, given all conditions are considered, and should be accurate with the aiming. Of course if I’m trying to shoot the rocket 500m then yes it would drop. But currently it doesn’t seem right.

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