Gaijin PLEASE add the 2 fuel tanks left for the f16

Please we need em, you did it for the tomcat why not for the f16s. Please Gaijin.


They’ll take time to research model and implement. Patience is our virtue.

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Waiting from 2014 to 2024 ↑

Pretty sure that’s an F-16 370gal tank already in the DevServer files

But there are others in there that haven’t been used yet like RAF Hawker Hunter tanks and 2250litre “Hindenberger” tanks for Tornado


That seems to be a different 370 to the ones pictured here.


I’m sure it does if you’re looking at the complete opposite side of the tank to the picture I posted
Here’s the other side

Textures seem pretty off with where various seams and rivets are but the shape of the tank and fins, location of the fuel filling points, suspension lugs and the testing/sampling cap are right for the F-16’s 370gal


Those fins aren’t triangular for the F-16A’s fuel tanks.
However it does appear F-16C got a re-designed fuel tank.

Thunder chief could use some of its Fuel tanks too.

I really hope they add these. I always thought they did not for some sort of balance but they are coming to the Gripen so I hope the Snail adds the wing tanks for the F-16

The tanks are in


so sexy
now we just need aim-120 and i’ll be salivating


Can someone check if Phantoms got their wing tanks?
Navy Phantoms would benefit greatly from those since you wouldn’t have to sacrifice the gun pod for tank

Where J35 fuel tanks?

Is that Dev or Live?


As for the Draken tanks, I think it’s these 510 litre ones

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I’ve seen people say anything from 500-550L, but that looks to be it

Can anyone please check if there’s McDonnell’s 370gal or Sargent Fletcher 370gal tank for Phantoms in game?

600 gal

Well, no changes for Phantoms then…

They still have their better fuel tank.