GAijin Overcharged me 100% on tmy 2 recent store buys!

In the store the lsited price was X reais (I am brazilian) but when I paid it was charged a price in Dollars alsmost 2.1 times higher than was in the store! I need this fixed and these transactions undone. To whom I contact!

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Never use a VPN when accessing our store to avoid this issue. And check what currency you’re paying in before proceeding with the purchase.
You can try contacting our support team if you didn’t use the content that you purchased yet, but don’t expect a quick answer.


I did not use a VPN. Yes probably I should have paid more attention at the number in the final stage. Yet is is scammy to put a number in the store in one currency and charge in other several times more total value.

The only way you end up paying in USD is logging in to the store not from your local ip (Brazilian in your case). This is an automated protection against lower prices abuse.

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I manged to reproduce it. If I log in with my password the price is correct. If I login using Oauth from google the price is in USD! That emailis properly linked to my account. So that is a failure of your system.

I can reproduce the issue if needed!

Like I already said, please create a ticket on support website and explain your issue with reproduction steps.


me also same problem-- no vpn- cache , cookies cleared - tryed on different browsers … without sign in its my local money ,after signing in and wanna buy all prices of items are dollar…another tactic of gaijin i begin to think …did try on laptop and pc nothing change …did use software and browser it self to clean all of the browsers history etc etc …nothing change…i am sure there are many with that issue but i think its not issue…made by gaijin i think now .

Gaijin supprt now is LYING! They refuse to undo the buy because they said I used the item. I did not enter the game a single second since the purchase! Gaijin is Literally borderline criminal on this, overcharging is a felony! And refusing to give the basic support! I am a costumer for 11 years this is the WORST I have ever been treated by ANY games company ever!

All people that buy things in Gaijin site, CHECK your credit card transactions!

PS to the moderator. I did not insult ANYONE! I pointed that your support is LYING! And I advised people to check their credit cards. On other hand GAijin is clearly insulting me here!

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As already said - we cannot help you on fourm, sorry. Please discuss your case with Support via ticket (be sure to use same ticket - just answer on it and wait for answer from support).
Please do not insult anyone on our forum.