Gaijin Market-Investment Advice

Hello, Richthofen here.

As some may know, I have been investing GJN into the Market since around October/November 2022 until I reached 1200GJN on the IS-7. This value dropped a little to currently 1169.90 GJN on the Vehicle.

Day 2 of the Lootboxes has begun for me, it is 7:59 am and Last time I checked the IS-7 coupons went from 0 to around 5 with a GJN price of 1850 GJN. Two or so Sold over night for roughly 1500 GJN.

My questions are:

Since I am moving this month and so not yet know when I will have Internet and spare time to Check on WT and the Market, How will the IS-7 GJN price Develop until the 18th of August and until the 4th of September respectively?

Second: Should I let it Develop or bump my offer by 330 GJN to reach 1500 GJN for which atleast 2 Coupons sold last night? I could afford it, but should I?

I have a severe Math disability which prevents me from making these calculations myself, help would be appreciated.

There no calculations involved in guessing how the market will move. But if you want to use math to figure it out. Ask yourself, do you value the IS-7 27% more than your initial offer.
If yes, the math adds up.


I got it, thx.