Gaijin Market accessibility

I am unsure if it is a “me” problem for with the market in itself. However, when accessing the market, it only allows you to see a single page of stuff unless searching for something specific. It does not allow you to scroll through every single item on the market, removing your ability to see new camouflages if there are more than will fit on the current screen. This issue persists between accessing the market in game and through browser on multiple computers.

If this is what you are presented with:

You need to click on “War Thunder” to select War Thunder items, then you can freely scroll through everything.

Yeah, zero ability to scroll. only way I can view everything on the market without searching is by using the legacy market.

Are you attempting to use the slider on the right hand side of the screen? If so, that is purely cosmetic, you have to either use finger pinch on a touchpad, mouse wheel, or the page down function if you have it on your keyboard (arrow keys work too)