Gaijin, Make us able to choose if we want urban maps or just Nature centred maps!

I am reluctant for change in the direction of player’s choosing maps because I see problems arising that will have negative effects that don’t outweight the positives to changing from random map selection. It isn’t as much about queue times as it is about map selection allowing the community to favor certain nations while the other nations are forced to suffer.

In terms of the larger maps with that are more terrain based, I’m all for it. I think that around 6.0+ the maps are too small for tanks to exercise any tactics. I’d love to be able to actually leverage the Tiger 1/2s guns and armor for longer distance engagements as they were intended. I feel like the average shot distance in Warthunder doesn’t really necessitate range finding by the crew/LFR and I almost always eyeball my shots. That and the sight adjusted on the mouse wheel is either 200m per click or 10m per click of the scroll wheel.

I don’t think the maps are perfect at all, but I think most are workable for most tank types at most brs. My least favorite map has to be Sands of Sinai by a large margin. Terrible design imho. I want things to change for the positive for Warthunder, and I have put forth a few suggestion threads for improvements. I just don’t think player choice in map selection is healthy for a game with such diversity at every level.

Let’s just leave it behind in the other thread. Sound good?

Well there other options put trash map and yeet all of them into arcade if brainless CQC Cod enjoyer want to play something like that they can go play arcade not realistic battle

Clearly you cant man, Im just trying to understand why you flew off the handle.

You should understand that not everybody likes the things you do, I understand being defensive about the things you love, but some people just arent interested, and its not ok to stalk people in forums just because you disagree with their opinion.

all the best champ.

Well, the map concept still intresst me. Id like this kind of map for 6.7-12.0

I admit, that perspective is understandable. So, how about we test it in a event, or something along the lines?

Or even in a Dev server

This post on the WT Reddit community also gave some fantastic ideas for new game modes/map ideas and layouts.

This game really NEEDS a new fresh coat of paint. We’ve been capping A-B-C for ages, and the current maps are awful and unbalanced.



You say this (which yes it may be somehwat correct, I’m not disagreeing with you but more agreeing) yet Russia at top tier loves city maps and that is basically all we get. And yes I am painfully aware Sweden and Germany are now on par with Russia in terms of ground and America has gotten a huge buff with the 5 second reload changes. However, city maps favour these nations while leaving the rest, apart from china maybe, having to deal with shitty maps. So it kind of goes against your thinking of keeping it “fair”.

I would take 5 minute queue times in a heart beat, as right now I have to trudge through 5 or 6 games before I even get to a map I like. I don’t like one death leavers however I’m not going to stay in a map I dislike and I don’t blame anyone else for doing it. This is a game first and foremost, I don’t care about balance or anything. A game should be fun and fun first, if I’m not having fun I’m not playing.

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precisely, to stop players leaving the match immediately you have to realise and analyse why those players leave the map immediately. And maybe issue a vote to the players before you end up with another Revolution/Protest/Uproar on your hands. Youknow stop the issue while you are ahead.

But this is gaijin sooo.

I think it would already help a ton if there wouldnt be a mappool heavily tilted towards urban combat. Another thing that is a problem for the maps of WT is, that they are formed in a unnatural way if you compare real landscapes with those in WT. Currently there are 75 maps of which 68 have a focus on urban/CQC combat. Its not about adaptability anymore but rather the game and maps becoming stale, imagine if for the next four weeks there´d be only Firearc and Fulda to play at all BR´s. Sure it would also get boring after a few days but it would be a nice change to constantly fighting in some urban environment.

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I forget wt has 75 maps considering all I get nowadays is Breslau, Sweden, seversk and space port. The bay one I like in all of that is space port. I flat out refuse to play shitty maps. I have multiple nations, I simply leave and go play something else while I wait for my lineup to not be crew locked. Can’t make me play something I don’t want to. Same with bombers, no matter what gaijin do I’ll find a way to make far too much money for their liking. Already got my perfect grinding method for getting sl and rp while watching a film. All this out of pure spite as I would have simply just left long ago if not for my hatred for this company.

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Honestly, it’s so bad I don’t even know why I play any more. Flanders, Ardennes, Aral Sea and Sweden on repeat 24/7. No Pradesh, Volo or other engaging maps. Luckily I have all nations, so I can just circumvent crew lock in its entirety!

Well, honestly currently whats happening is the matchmaker is heavily skewed in the opposite direction, urban maps are extremely over represented in the game at the moment. Along with this many of the open maps get result in more one death leavers and so end up being much shorter games or lopsided games. While 1DLs are a seperate issue, it still results that currently nations like Russia, china, and somewhat germany are at an advantage over the more long range focused nations that you mentioned due to map selection.

While im not a massive fan of the idea of being able to directly choose whether you want to play on open maps or urban maps, I do think map selection in general needs some revising because some maps show up unreasonably frequently while others are almost nonexistent. I can count the number of times Ive played both Pradesh and Red Desert combined in the last year on one hand.