Gaijin, make the Challenger 2 meta and survivor by reducing the probability of propellant explosion

Before we begin, I just want to say that the Leopard 2 does not explode when hit in the ammunition, much less catch fire. The ideal for the Challenger 2 would be, instead of exploding when hit in the propellant, just catching fire, but reducing the probability of explosion would already be good. This is straightforward and simple to resolve. I don’t want armor; I don’t want anything other than this solution regarding the propellants, and I definitely don’t need a manual to demand this! My screenshot says it all; I play with only 16 rounds. Just do this, and watch this tank become meta!

Fixing this would help too


Well. Cr2 has 50% ammo explosion for some reason. 2nd of all main charge bin is made to slow down or even prevent the ammo cookout of other charges is one is hit (resistable materiał and free space for gases to expand into), but still if penned cookout while slowed down it would be unavoidable most of the time. Are 16ccc low flamable/explosive charges, idk.