Gaijin made the 40 mm guns bad change my mind

Overwhelming muzzle flashes make it impossible to aim at aircraft L70 makes it worse:

Submitted bug report that got acknowledged:

Nothing is done now for two major updates and lotsa patches. Once again my patience has ran out. Creates this post explaining all the issue’s that has been forgotten / cast aside for now.

The L60 guns are a pain to aim with. Especially the single mounted ones. Basically get turned to AT guns due to problem above making aiming worse.

The L70 Bofors guns take the first issue and makes it 50x worse by doubling the fire-rate. making it impossible to see what you are shooting at. still double the firerate help down enemy air when we could see them through the flashes.

Gaijin still hasn’t come around to fix the Lvakan 48 that has the wrong ammunition stuck at 880~ m/s that the Lvakan 38 uses (report sent & acknowledged). When it should be using what every other L70 gun that now France & Italy uses with the AMX-13 DCA 40 and Leopard 40/70 with a muzzle velocity of 1005~ m/s with 94 mm of pen.

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That muzzle flash issue has been around for a long time. It got fixed a year ago, but then it seem to reappeared again on only certain vehicles.

I didn’t notice it on the new Leopard 40/70 though.


I noticed the muzzle flash on the Za-35 is blinding despite the fact it has flash hiders installed. If your aiming in 3rd person it literally blocks out what your aiming at which makes zero sense for an AA platform which requires the element of surprise to be effective along with flash suppressors to reduce visual detection. The stranger part is if your firing through the gun sights its perfectly fine, switch to 3rd person and your flashbang’d.
(edit) i would bug report it but the last 3 i did were ignored so I’m not going to waste any more time doing gaijins quality control for them.

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Yea that’s what I’ve noticed All mid calibre AA guns make a ridiculous muzzle flash. i think its the n1 reason that SPAAs get bombed due to every aircraft seeing it.

Well that and more likely that they can’t see the aircraft they’re firing at…

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Not much of a flash here lol


Like fr i get excited every time i see a patch drop then go …oh a fix for a top tier thing i cant play unless i spend 300h grinding or starting a new TT great. or its a small visual bug like “Grass not grassing” or some bs

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