Gaijin fix ur overpressure mechanics


I am making this post only as a result of frustration and anger toward the mechanic of overpressure in the game.

I believe the Hit alghoritm of the shells and ballistics are very realistic, except when autocannons are involved. Autocannons gets it messed up and put me in situations like this for the 100th time and not only in the AMX. I got overpressured by Gepard HE shell in TURMS, M1, even ZTZ.

When shooting a lightly armored vechicle with APFSDS or even with conventional shells, the chances are that the projectile will pass straight through it without damaging any component.
Now tell me, if a projectile would pass through a steel plate, at hypersonic speed, plate of which I stand behind, and the projectile near misses me, what are the effects of the impact? Would I still be fine? Talking about only the shrapnel, not taking in account the pressure and toxic gases and temperatures of the dismemberment of the projectile.

If I cannot destroy a lightly target in one hit with a 5kg APFSDS or 160g TNT APHE, neither should autocannons be able to overpressure my tank like it’s made of cardboard.

Proof( you can clearly see the vechicle and ammo he used): Proof

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Idk if its overpressure stacking or smth but the single fact that can happen is overly dumb.

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Overpressure with APHE is around 170g of TNT, and more.

The York has HE shells with 250g, so it will trigger OP.

Spalling is pretty trash in this game.

Also, a similar thing hapened to me: