Gaijin admins and support never help

I’m saying these so that gaijin gets better because I’m afraid of trusting and investing money and getting bad service for the second time.

Gaijin support always gives stupid answers and pushes me away, they never gave support, I’m currently in America, but actually I’m not, I’m in Turkey, they say wait 3 weeks even to fix this, the discount will end in 3 days, even if I beg “please help”, no one cares, supprot leader I also talked to him and he did the same thing. Anyway, the game admins are the same. The people in the gaijin company are extremely toxic, they lose a lot of players and they call me a liar or a liar, they close my topics and ban me from discord. These are the facts, these Russians are money-makers, you represent your own country badly, but I still love Russia, please fix it, gaijin and up. Administrators, I lost my money because of you, but I still did not complain, but that’s enough, please respond to the support properly and help me.

My account was hacked and I got a chat ban and I paid a name change fee for these and I told the support again, no one responded and the issue was closed.

In the last of Atilla update, all my research was deleted and my planes were deleted for the first time. They blamed me for this. I was doing research and I worked for a week to find out how my planes would be deleted.

And when my account was stolen, I bought mig23ml 5 days before the day I got banned. Until I got my account back, all my premium days were gone because it was banned and premium, I told wolfman game master and I also told support, again no one cared.

There are many more things but they are unnecessary, please solve these problems.

(Open Chatban & Fix Market Bc İts DOLLAR Fix To TRY & 15 Day Premiun Return)



They’re living up to their name ‘snail’. They make you wait for a whole week to get any response from them. I waited a whole 30 DAYS for the region go back to Turkey so I can pay with TRY again since USD is like 2-3x the price. I missed the in-game sale because of it, was able to buy a single Turm III pack at 8 PM and like at 10PM when I refreshed the store it had changed back to USD. I’m checking my last logins after 8 PM and they are not from any other country they’re all from same location lol. They DO NOT care whether you want to purchase something or not they don’t care about your issue and it’s infuriating. I created a ticket last Wednesday to say that it was still not back to TRY, they told me 30 days had not passed yet in Thursday, 3 hours later I asked if they can tell me when it will be 30 days and waited for 3 days for them to answer then just closed the ticket. They’re incompetent or lack personnel.

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The OPs post is rather confusing, but everything is based on the exchange rate, so there shouldn’t be much of a difference, other than numbers if you don’t actually convert the currency properly.

I’m going through something similar. Gaijin offers War Thunder through GeForce Now, but punishes players who use the service by changing the store currency to dollars. GeForce Now servers are not located in my home country, Brazil, but all my purchases up to today were made using Brazilian national cards. I’ve had this account since 2016.

I opened a support ticket (#2160861) over 2 days ago and haven’t received a response yet. I joined with 3 more friends hoping to play together this year-end, taking advantage of the promotion, but it seems impossible. It’s sad to like a game, want to PAY for it, but the company doesn’t help.

It’s not. In my case, living in Brazil, the price in dollars converted to Brazilian Real is more than twice the value of the regionalized price directly in Real ($).

A $30 package costs 170 BRL + taxes, while the same regionalized package costs 80 BRL + taxes.

The difference is significant and makes it impractical to pay for premium or purchase any vehicles.

I’m checking my last purchase which is saying 25$, because of the currency f-up. If it was not for the local pricing I would’ve had to pay around 700 Turkish Lira, which is more than 3 times the money i paid, 213. So it actually makes a huge difference. And maybe my currency mixup could be solved, maybe it’s a temporary issue that can be fixed easily but before that THEY HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION TO TICKETS.

I’d say it has a lot to do with how you’re mentioning this as to your issue…

The FAQ specifically says that it’s based on the USD conversion, and your urge to throw cussing into the mix makes you likely unengagable.

If you actually say this without making a big long ticket, then maybe it’d be highlighted a lot easier.