Gaijin add parasite fighters and bomber they can attach to

Add the XF-85 Goblin parasite fighter and a b-52 that they can attach to as a mother ship of sorts.

Like say if you had one person play the mother ship and two buddies the goblins attach to the bomber at the start due to being in a squad.

Now that’s a good thought on how to deploy or group them.

There has been a couple of threads regareding these, if you search maybe mothership as the i-16 is another parasitic on the TB-3M IIRC.

This could easily be brought in as a single mission even.

We’ll get bomber cockpits before they ever add the B-36 or the B-52.

No heheheh they won’t. We been asking for years.

I don’t know that it should have a dedicated mechanic, but the XF-85 would honestly be a pretty fun goofball in the early Jets BR that gets bomber spawn to simulate the parasite fighter feature.

The reason we don’t is because according to numbers Gaijin has provided, a bomber cockpit costs about $10,000 to commission. That is the same cost as an entire plane model. I’d love more bomber cockpits. The reason Gaijin doesn’t often do them though is because it isn’t economical for them to.

Good grief, that’s an insane amount!

$10k isn’t so much when you consider it may be equivalent to a person employed for 3 months to do research, design, coding and testing on a single model that’s going to be much more involved than a fighter cockpit.

And after their efforts the plane gets little play because it’s a bomber, even less in first person view, and will receive hate posts for the tiniest error.

Honestly not surprised cockpits get so little attention beyond the basic placeholders.

I’ll do it for them for free in MS paint, have you seen my drawings?

Why not just have the community do it, we’d practically be doing it for free. Most cockpits wouldn’t need any significant changes. Just some adjustments here and there to correct it per model in the game.

The community does. Community bomber cockpits have gotten added. The He 111 H-16 has a detailed cockpit because a community member did it. But Gaijin can’t force the community to do that.

My issue is they don’t do it enough. The He-111 H-16 was a relatively new vehicle however Gaijin haven’t open access for the community to do all the incomplete cockpits that span for years.