G.91Y and YS - why such high BR in RB?

Been playing the British 9.7 lineup - Harrier, Jaguar, Hunter… now shifted to Italy and spading G.91Y and YS… and what a difference - and not one good for Italy!

The Italian planes are at 9.3 and 9.7 respectively - but have fewer bombs and much, MUCH worse missiles (Sidewinder B and AA20 vs SRAAM and Sidewinder G ffs).

The planes are a bit more manoeuvrable, which has saved them a few times, but I don’t really see why the YS is at same BR as the British ones, nor the Y at only 9.3 with no effective missiles at all.
Anyone got any reasoning?? Am I missing something?

Minor nation treatment.

They were fine at that BR a couple years ago when facing J32 and sabres, but as Gaijin adds more and more jets with OP missile to that BR bracket, the G91YS just become quite underpowered.

So why they remained at that BR though the environment has clearly changed? This is mainly due to how Gaijin determines BR change in our game. Gaijin adjusts vehicles’ BR based on the stats that they gathered over the past months from the players rather than using logic (direct comparison of vehicles of the similar BR).

The core problem is that players are not stupid, if things like G91Y/YS doesn’t have comparable armament when compared with planes at the same BR, people just stops using them. The result is that Gaijin wouldn’t get enough data to determine if the vehicle should be moved down a BR, essentially the vehicle is forgotten. G91Y and YS aren’t the only one with this issue.

I might be rectifying that lack of data a little bit! :)

Just using them as strike a/c - did get 1 head-on kill with an AA20, but quickly figured the pylon is better with a bomb or rocket - even without ballistic computer!

The Y is almost spaded and the Winter star complete - the YS will wait until tomorrow and the next star.