G.91Y and G.91YS need to come down

We have far better aircraft at lower BRs that do the same job or better.

Moving these jets down even slightly will allow them to not have to see the black hole that is 10.3/10.7


Nothing changes for G.91YS even if it moved down to 9.3BR because it will still suck at 10.3BR blackhole.

Unfortunately, the current G.91YS has no use other than Jet Strike 4v4 in TSS.

Not overly familar with that BR, or those aircraft, but quick look YS with only 2x Aim-9Bs and no CMs at 9.7 does look a little rough. Prehaps 1/3 BR lower for both is the max you could do I think without breaking too much though. I think they are about comparible to the Hunters, and the Hunter FGA9 is 9.3 with 2x Aim-9E and I remember what it was like at 9.7. Even 9.3 is rough, so I can imagine how hard they. So based upon FGA9 BR, then yeah YS to 9.3 would probably be fair.

I think though the biggest issue with them is the Italy tech tree. Huge hole between them and the Tornados. and on the tree to the right as well. with that padded out more, you’d be less dependent on them.

9.3 will at least give it a chance to not see F-5Cs and the like.

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I think dropping both by 0.3br is fine in the CURRENT meta but ultimately we need decompression. Also, it won’t do much. The G.91Y will become flyable probably but the YS will still be bad I think