Fw190 FM fix?

Was there a reason the Fw190 fm hasn’t been fixed in relation to unrecoverable flatspins? The aircraft didn’t have the balance to even enter that kind of flat spin since all the weight was in the front. Anyone have any sources to work to fix this issue or has it been denied before?


I mean whats up with the bricked FM of all the Fw 190 anyway? They were comparable to the Spitfire according to the internal Allied testing of the captured planes. Actually Fw 190 was better in all metrics except the tightness of a turn, but it would still win a 2 circle fight due to its higher acceleration and energy retention.
Nicknamed butcher birds lose all elevator authority under 300kmh and struggle to reach 450kmh. Hell, even a bomber outturns it now.


IIRC the FW190 is comparable to the P-51 in terms of turning IRL


I’m not sure about flat spin recovery but It’s stall behaviour is very realistic one of disadvantages of Focke-Wulf 190’s had a dangerous propensity to just stall, flick and flat spin without warning in turns under g and at slow speeds if turned turned to tightly.

A Luftwaffe Pilot who was a test pilot for Air Ministry evaluated many aircraft’s in war he goes into depth about flaws and strengths of each aircraft in his book. According to him BMW engine had many faults and was prone to overheating and heating up the cockpit. His initial assessment was “the Focke-Wulf 190 is a pilot’s frying pan”.


It would stall easily but the stalls are relatively easy to recover from. The front engine puts all of the weight at the front and doesn’t allow the airframe to flat spin, like aircraft such as the p39 are infamous for. The nose will dip and the stall can be recovered. You need altitude sure, but currently the fw190 will stall and then immediately go into a near unrecoverable, or sometimes completely unrecoverable, flat spin. I’m not 100% sure what is causing this issue, but it seems that the center of gravity on the airframe is wrong. Games like il:2 have much more realistic stall behavior on the 190 and is far more forgiving.

Big Misconception the Focke-Wulf 190’s was only superior to earlier Mk’s at the time of introduction. The new fighter outperformed the Spitfire Mk V ,The Focke-Wulf 190 was considerably better in firepower, rate of roll, and straight-line speed at low altitude.

In combat the German machine could dictate terms, especially during the initial engagement and later disengagement; but once in a dogfight, the Spitfire’s superior turning ability meant that it could more than hold its own and it’s aerodynamically fact Spitfires had better energy retention under most circumstances especially when turning.


Although I agree that 190 has a shitty FM (reported some obvious rubbish, but got response that I’m “wrong”, by “knowledgeable” GJ developers), 190 can’t match the Spitfire in 2 circles. Not enough Specific excess power. Even 109 can’t match the Spit at full boost, but Spit has relatively short boost time and once Spit’s boost is gone, 109 dominates.

There has never been a spin I couldn’t get out of even in the D-9

I’ve been flying A & F series but not the Dora’s lately and haven’t had any problems with flat spins. Even when forcing a sharp stall or Flick roll the recovery seems instant maybe your settings aren’t dialed in yet because FW feels like it’s on rails compared to a Spitfire for example. My Sensitivity for FW is in 80’s for all axis