FV721 Fox performance currently worse than historically

Hi guys currently the FV 721 Fox armoured car’s performance in the game appears to be significantly nerfed compared to the actual historical specification of the vehicle which I will now outline below along with a collection of sources including the official company specification for the Fox:

The current stat card is taken from dev stream:

This should listed as the following stats that are currently incorrect with the historical changes in bold and underlined which are backed up by my sources posted in the source section:

30mm L21A1 automatic cannon (Ammo: 99) should be 96)

66mm smoke grenade launcher x8 should be ** 16 (The Fox carries 8 additional grenades for reloading in the field)**

Fire Rate: 80 rounds/min ** should be 100 rounds/min**

Mass: 6.1t should be 5.67t giving it 34 bhp per ton

Engine power: 190hp at 4500 rpm should be 195hp at 5000 rpm

Max speed: 99km/h should be 104 km/h (64.6 mph)

Additionally the Fox should have commander controls, though i was not able to test if it did in-game so I don’t know if this needs bug reporting.



This is needed! Thanks for getting all the info



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are you going to bug report them?

I will when the patch drops. but I missed the dev server so cannot bug report them as I lack screen shots. The big ones are the weight and the engine power though as this thing should be even faster XD

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Smoke reloads aren’t a feature in WT as of current.
The rest is bug reportable though.



Please report any bugs and historical issues via the bug report platform: Community Bug Reporting System

Please note that stat cards cannot be used for the basis of a report. The vehicles in game performance must be used as the medium for the report. Stat cards can be incorrect and this is from the closed dev server.

Lastly, Janes is also not considered a valid source. So the 104kph cannot be accepted if it comes solely from this.