FV4005 and Conway, Both on a Centurion Mk.3 chassis, All 3 different speeds

I was doing some digging and saw that the FV4004 Conway and FV4005 both use the Centurion Mk.3 Hull. However the Conway, FV4005 and Centurion Mk.3 all use the same hull, so why are their speeds different?, FV4005 being the slowest (17.4 mph) Centuion Mk.3 being in the middle (21.5 mph) and Conway being the fastest (23.2 mph), but these were all the same Hull, same engine, same transmission (or should have) so why do all of their top speeds differ?

different mass?

The weight of there turret is very different the FV4005 has a giant gun that makes it very heavy.

doesnt affect top road speed

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and from what ive seem the FV4005 is supposed to be around the same weight as the Cent Mk.3 but im just having trouble finding valid sources, while also looking at previous bug reports on it

and wouldnt explain the Conway, 1 ton lighter and 1.7 mph faster? on the same engine and transmission set?

The conway is using old Centurion 1 gearing before it was fixed

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and still uses it? and even then it still manages to be slower

because only the cent 1 was fixed, the conway has a mk3 hull anyway so should be slower than currently

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I’m not sure than I was just guessing i’m a US vehicle need not british. Sorry

Maybe its because 120mm cannon and ammo for it, is lighter than 183mm.

Oddly enough the Fv4005 might be lighter than a standard Mk.3 Cent because the only real weight in the turret is the 183mm gun where as a standard Mk.3 Cent has the weight of the turrets armour plus 20 pounder.

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It would I suspect. If the tank is lighter the engine and drive train are not under as much stress. The Centurion BARV for example is apparantly nearly 10 tons lighter than the standard gun tank and as a result is faster than the standard gun tank.

likely has a modified final drive. no tank is aerodynamically limited and thus wont be weight limited.

nope. Same engine ect as a standard Mk.3

engine yes but they may have modified the final drive, anyway by the looks of it current FV4005 is on a basic Cent 3 hull.

I’d highly recommend you go and look it up. The Fv4005 uses the stock Centurion Mk.3 hull, engine and transmission they did not make any changes to the engine and drive systems. They took a Mk.3 Cent, removed its turret and placed the Fv4005’s turrent on the hull nothing more.

Any number of books on Centurions will tell you this.

then it’s top speed would be identical - which according to the tank museum is 31.6km/h

Not the first mistake they made, no way mk3 is this slow

It should be yes. The Fv4005 in game is also nearly 10 ton more in weight than it should be afaik