Future Aircraft and Premium buying advice

I’m considering buying a top premium aircraft in order to help me research it’s tech tree. The tech tree i researched the most it’s the german one, up to rank 4. Buying the mig 21 would help me getting the mig 29 fast.
But I’m wondering about the next aircraft gaijin will add. I don’t want to buy the top end premium aircraft of a tech tree that won’t grow anymore. So, the other option I’m thinking about are the american Phantom 2 and the soviet Mig 23. Problem is i’ve not researched more than rank 3 in those nations.
So my questions are: Will german get more advanced aircraft within a year? If not, will US either soviets get those aircraft? And what would you recommend to buy if you were in my situation?

i would recommend waiting for a sale and buying a year of prem time

German aircraft to come to WT:
Mig-29G [R-73s really], F-4F ICE, Eurofighters, F-35A.
If Swiss items continue going to Germany: F-18C & F-5E.
There are trialed vehicles I’m likely missing.

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You’ll be waiting 2 - 4 years for it then.

Fine by me, again, it offers nothing unique compared to the MiG we already have, the 29G is cool historically, but in game it would just bloat the tech tree

Now that I think about it, maybe they could folder it with the MiG-29

Now you’re understanding the foldering system they’re proposing. :)

and what about the Su-22UM3K/M4, Su-7B/BKL, Su-17M2/M4? Those are not foldered, yet they are pretty much the same vehicle

Different ranks for all but the Su-7s.
Su-17M4 could be foldered with another rank 7 in the future.

They are all the same rank.
And if you mean br, that makes no sense since the MF and Bis-SAU are foldered despite a 0.7 br difference
They also foldered the TAM 2C and Radwagen despite being a completely different vehicle AND br
Don’t get me wrong, I like the new folder system, I’m just saying Gaijin foldering vehicles is not as obvious as you think it is

well it could carry western A-A missiles but idk if it did in service

Mig29g never had updated weapons from the 9.12a aside from losing the ability to use r27t. There was a nato proposal to upgrade them to use aim9x, but that was after they sold them to poland and only because they couldn’t get more r73.