Full ultra hq client


it says it requires minimum of 3gb of video memory to install however continue to download does not work
i have 8gb and most of it is unused during the game anyways

Should post up your videocard to add to this, and maybe all your base specs. (CPU/RAM/GPU)


Your radeon graphics is showing… That could be something that it’s picking up.

((Absolutely no idea if it is, but that’d be where I’d be looking towards))

I have the same issue, I’m on a laptop with a 3060, 16GB of ram. It tells me the same thing: That I don’t have enough vram of 3gb (I do), and then doesn’t download anything anyway.

Have you checked your taskmanager like this guy? Do you also have an onboard graphics ‘option’ on your motherboard/CPU?

Yeah, i checked. There’s the integrated thing, but WT is definitely running on the 3060.

the game (client) does but this doesn’t necessarily mean the launcher does as well.

you could ofc try to force the launcher.exe to run on the nVidia gpu in the nVidia control panel and hope that it solves the issue or have a look into the launcher logs (located in …\War Thunder.launcher_log\ folder) to have a look what gpu is detected by the launcher.

8.60 [D] [curGpuMemory] -1073741824

8.60 [D] [totalSize] -1545585401

8.60 [D] [gpuMemoryNeeded] 2600000000

I havent 2.6 GB memory on 6950 ?

What is this?

It’s saying that there’s 1gig current, 1.5 gigs max by the look?

Its a launcher log

You’re not the person he was asking though, and you’ve not pointed to anything the same as these guys.

What’s your card, because even googling 6950 1.5gig it came back showing cards that match that size…

I have the same problem as the first commenter. I can install only the minimal client since the update , cause ‘i havent enought video ram’.

So what’s your card, and what is the memory on it…

I have AMD 5800x processor
AMD 6950XT with 16GB ram
have 32GB system ram too.

And are you showing your onboard graphics under your GPU in task manager same as these guys here?

Because that could be something to mention seeing as that’s something we’re pointing to here, rather than just throwing out your log entires without saying anything, literally…

Looking for commonality here, not just random throwdowns of log file outputs because the symptom merely sounds the same.

Sry its on hungarian language.

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Nope, all good… This is interesting, and good.

I installed the client yesterday . All worked ok. I used a full UHQ client. After the today’s update my client downgrade itself to the minimal install.

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it turns out my dp cable was connected to my motherboard so even if i switched on the nvidia panel/settings it would still process from the apu
its fine now since its plugged in correctly