= FULL REAL CONTROLS = AEROBATICS TEAM = TRIAL BY ENTRY = MENTORING AVAILABLE = ** i would never expect payment for mentoring ** my payment is seeing players become better :)

Team Commander / Mentor for FULL REAL CONTROL’S AEROBATIC’S


A full real control , TRIAL by entry only squadron/team. We perform under a set of parameter’s disclosed in the following MSG…

== 350 KMPH MAX(excluding dive’s, climb’s & recoveries) == MAX ALT 700M == FULL REAL ON == You must also have TRAIT’S, Which we desire for our member’s to employ in their commitment and dedication toward’s their Team’s objective’s and effort’s such as.

POTENTIAL, Commitment, Dedication, Kind ,Eager. . . The List goes on!

We look for players who want to Push their limits , have no fear or boundaries. Players who wont look at a fellow Team member crashing and think CRASH. why. . . ? HERE WE SEE IT AS SOME ONE PUSHING THEIR LIMITS TO EXPLORE NEW POSSIBILITIES OF EXPANDING THEIR SKILL SET’S!

I as Team Commander of = PRO AERO X = Always. . . With out fail. . . Focus solely on bettering and encouraging the experience of the players of WT and my Team.To strive to create a Positive and comfortable atmosphere so all can be who they truly are. With out judgement and negativity. The WT community may have it’s toxic times. . . But. . . Search for the right place. . . you’ll find a place where you can be YOU, and Become a GOD at AEROBATIC STUNTS. . . that place is called = PRO AERO X = I wish you all the best, and send thanks for your time to read this message.

I also offer Mentoring for Player’s who wish to learn/improve or BECOME A GOD at FULL REAL CONTROL’S focusing directly on AEROBATIC STUNT’S. **** FREE , I WOULD NEVER EXPECT OR TAKE PAYMENT. SEEING PLAYER’S BE HAPPY AND ENJOY THE TRAINING IS WORTH MORE TO ME ;)**** I Hit a bench mark 3 week’s ago of 100+ players trained. . . i must say, very proud moment :)

07 , Your’s Sincerely. . .

Denn9 y
Team Commander