Fuel tank explosion problem?

Based on my experience driving PLA vehicles, it is clear that PLA vehicles are more prone to fuel explosions than France and the Soviet Union/Russia. The majority of fuel explosions in the Soviet Union/Russia and France are due to hitting both ammunition and fuel tanks at the same time, while PLA vehicles often cause fuel explosions and result in the death of the fleet due to the other party only penetrating the fuel tank.
So should we cancel the death method of fuel explosion. This is inherently impossible, as diesel only deflagrates when highly compressed, and it is almost impossible to cause deflagration due to the breakdown of fragments.

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at least for Leclerc you don’t even have to hit ammo and fuel will go up in flames i would know because i don’t bring ammo in the hull

This happened to me a lot while I was playing with China Even the fragments of artillery shells are enough to hit the tank with the explosion of fuel