Fuel explosions are getting out of hand

and you keep thinking a gas tank won’t explode. crazy.

Yes at this point I’m pretty sure you are crazy.

Gasoline tank can explode ( if there’s a specific fuel-air mixture [fume concentration] within )
self-sealing fuel tank would be enough to prevent that. Unless the fuel tank are rupture which will spread the fuel everywhere. And due to gasoline evaporates quickly it could lead to fireball inside tank compartment if they catch fire. Then there are fire suppression system to help with that.

Diesel tank can be made to explode if you spray it in fine mist and then apply large amounts of pressure or temperature to it as Wiggly_Armed_Man mention. But if fuel-air mixture is a not quite right it’ll be rapid burning rather than an explosion.
Due to diesel evaporates less quickly. If fuel tank are rupture which would lead to the tanks compartment being covered in diesel oil. Imagine crew had to work in that condition and while they could also catch on fire. Then again there are fire suppression system around.

So fuel tank explode rn are a bit silly given how Gaijin did nerf ammo catch fire / burning change.


The auto loaders for china and russia are just massive bombs ready to explode, they have the slowest reload in game, its impossible to survive a single penetrating shot.

This ^

IMO one of the better solutions would be to just remove these fuel tank explosions entirely and replace them with faster burning fuel fires. As was mentioned earlier in the thread, when a soviet tank’s fuel tank is pierced, it spews often-burning fuel all across the interior of the vehicle rather than just explodes. Gaijin could emulate this by just increasing how much damage an internal fuel tank fire causes, meaning you have to put it out quickly or the fire will either set off your ammo or kill your crew.

I think it’s a much more fair, a bit more realistic, and also a balanced solution to the problem. The chance of dying to a fuel tank being ruptured is greatly decreased, but it’s still a high risk if you don’t respond to it properly. At the same time, the fuel tank does what it’s supposed to IRL and absorbs spall, but the projectile can still go on to do other damage to the tank that might still kill it, so a well-placed shot is still rewarded.


You know what also is a bad idea?