Fuel explosions are getting out of hand

keep in mind i have no bias towards any nation

Diesel fuel won’t vaporize to any significant extent at normal every day temperatures, so you won’t ever get an explosion involving diesel fumes unless there’s something happening to heat the diesel fuel up to the boiling point , thereby creating a lot of diesel fumes or vapor.

So according to science there is no way that the diesel will explode unless you would use an ammunition type like heat,
if apfsds were to be used you would most likely be set on fire to some fuel but you wouldn’t necessarily explode.

when i play ussr i get exploded as a constant by my fuel but when i play for example america germany this is not a problem


This might just be because a lot of Russian tanks have a fuel tank in the front and are thus hit more.


Soviet (and others too) vehicle design often had sheet metal fuel tanks within the fighting and crew compartments and doubled as ammo storage etc. So when hit, they didn’t so much explode, as burst and the offending projectile ignited the fuel now sprayed around the interior. This tends to be… detrimental to the continued functionality of the vehicle.
However as usual, Gaijin’s modelling often leaves something to be desired because it treats a hit like an explosion. From what I’ve seen its been moderated some since the mechanic was first rolled out. Then any hit on a fuel tank would cause a catastrophic explosion, even if it wasn’t even inside the vehicle.

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in that case it should be ammunition explosion

That generally happens next.

Its not just soviet, Chinese suffer perhaps even more due to the larger lower hull and unprotected side. The ztz 99As are 1 shot where ever due to the presence of fuel tanks. I think also on tanks like T-90M and ZTZ 99A, the fuel tanks are like the plane fuel tanks with a sponge like material.

That’s why I take no fuel 😈

Fuel explosions affect mainly the Soviets, Chinese, French, and Japanese top tiers.
To my knowledge, Gaijin never clarified why they put that up, the voices inside tell me that it was in order to quell the complaint about the alleged survivability of Soviet-patter tanks, and nerfing a pair of consistently well performing minor nations whose tanks can be devastating in the right hands.
Or it’s just a bug, and since it’s not being reported, it’s not being fixed.

But really the fact that it seems to spread across more and more tanks makes it looks deliberate.
As a Type 10 and Leclerc appreciator, I wouldn’t mind seeing it go.

Might have been meant as a nerf to Soviet tanks, but (as usual) it had unintended consequences, like Shermans exploding when hit in the rump fuel tanks.

Engine bay and external fuel tanks are set to not detonate at all in game, so that includes the fuel tanks on the Abrams as an example. It’s just the internal fuel tanks on the Soviet tanks, Leclerc, and Type 90 IIRC that can blow up.

this has been proven wrong so many times i dont know why people like you keep saying this.

all fuel tanks explode. the problem is soviet tanks are more susceptible to this, since they literally sit right next to the ammo.

What’s more explosive the gas produced in the tank or the liquid…….

You keep saying this doesn’t make it true.

And it’s interesting that these nations also use autoloaders on ther top tier MBTs.
I think it’s just a way to balance autoloaders because they wont knocked out like human loaders

or you could just type in " diesel tank explosions " or learn how VAPORS cause explosions. or use your brain and wonder why the russians would make their fuel tanks less " EXPLOSIVE PROOF "

AUTOLOADERS have nothing to to with fuel tanks, gaijin just being lazy as always with modules to give soviets an upper hand.

Vapors can cause explosion. “Vapors” are only half of the equation. Diesel fuel, and even gasoline, do not spontaniously combust, much less “explode” on their own. They require a specific oxygen ratio. A fuel tank full of liquid fuel does not have very many/any vapors in it. Even a partially empty tank has only a small volumn of air in it, of which only 20% is the oxygen required for the explody.

Ref to all the other threads where you have been shown to be … “mistaken”.

because we all know superheated jets of shrapnel, and copper jets passing through and out of fuel tanks wont cause an explosion. i honestly don’t think you’ve ever watched or seen a diesel tank explosion before or you magically think diesel tanks don’t have OXYGEN IN THEM. im honestly tired of people like you who keep thinking diesel doesn’t explode 20+ years of reading quasi psychobabble from your type is old. 2 injured when diesel tank explodes (youtube.com)

lol. Yes, all those engineers who have used diesel tanks as spaced armor for decades are obviously less smart than some dude on the Interwebs who has delusions of smartness.

Those Swedes were so dumb that that even use jerrycans as skirt armor. Clearly incompetent. They could explode at any second!