From 10.3 to 11.3, the Franch ground TT line is empty?

Is there any good choice of Franch ground vehicles? I can’t believe France doesn’t have any vehicle in this BR, just a SPAA in 10.0.

There could be some IFVs and light tanks, like the Jaguar or VBCI Philoctète. The VEXTRA could potentially end up at this BR range as well, depending on what ammunition and mobility it gets.

Sadly it seems like to Gaijin a fourth Leclerc that’s debatably somewhat worse than the first one was the actually necessary addition to France’s hight tier.
I wish they didn’t listen to the people that harp on about how having more MBTs makes for a better lineup.


I feel like Gaijin is UNABLE to reach out to his community,… especially about minor nations,…


To be fair there’s inertia to consider, wich is how we ended up having the Mirage F-1C with the F-14 when it should have been added along the MiG-23s, or even the advanced F-4s.
Even if Gaijin does recognise a need, it’ll be met when it will be met.
Minor nations will suffer from even more inertia due to their low interest and generally better playerbase that will not create a statistical anomaly as soon as something is too out of place.


I would like to have a few more versions of the VAB in game. Mephisto and Santal are great, but there are also some versions with autocannons and so on. They would fit perfectly and close the serious light-tank-gap french ground forces have.

And that’s a current problem,… that’s also part of reasons why they finally got that latest steam review bombing,…

The inertia is thing,… but when you see that they have 9 nations to consider, they take about 1 full year to make it even to all nation,… but then the imbalanced strikes again right after that,…

It is completely stupid to develop nations like they did and do today,… i prefer not to have hypes on new tech for a whole year but have all nation having it at the same time.

There are also the Leclerc prototypes.

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