Frequent updates took this game from 39GB to 50GB

War thunder then

-Minimal: 15 GB

-Full client: 39 GB

-Full ultra HQ: 98 GB

War thunder now:

-Minimal: 18 GB

-Full client: 51 GB

-Full ultra HQ: 110 GB

Game needs to be optimized because it’s getting very large.
Every day 200 Mb update or large updates.
Can developers stack up bugs with their large updates and then release it?
All the war thunder players hasn’t same internet speed and they can’t download large updates.

For example game updates 12 GB and several hours later a update again and you should download another 6 GB.
Another example: You update war thunder and back in 30 minutes later and there’s a 500 Mb update to download.

Or we have a option to download/update game as compressed files.(It takes less time and less data.)
High spec players don’t notice the change but lower spec players notice it well.

With respect to developers.

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There are no GB updates for minor patches (that come to game every few days) (yes, there can be a rare exception from this).

Updates do not make game instalation bigger. 200MB updates usually means 200MB will be overwritten on your hard drive, not +200MB to game size.

But he is right tho. The frequent updates can be troubling especially with unstable internet and limited memory

Sadly he is making things up (or more precise, he is greatly exaggerates the situation).
Game do not update 12GB.
There are no 500Mb updates after you update game.

Developers already optimized files and the way game is updating more than year ago: [Development] Optimization of the War Thunder file structure - News - War Thunder

I understand, that for players with limited bandwith/slow internet it can be an issue to update few houndred MB every few days but sadly (for them) War Thunder is living multiplayer game and many fixes cannot wait for a week to be implemented. Sorry, but there is not much that can be done here.

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12 GB update was a update after “La Royale” and several hours later game released another update
1-2 GB.
Couldn’t developers wait and stack up two updates ?
minor updates may be overwritten but still is increase game size.
just 2 years to increase from 39 GB to 51 GB and there’s 12 GB increase so system requirements also will be increased and it will become Superheavy.