French mssiles

I posting this topic cause I don’t understand one thing, one year ago, the french R550 Magic was one of the best, to not say the best, of air to air missiles.
But, since the last anniversary, it turned to be the exact opposite. The missile couldn’t destroy a target, passing next to it, couldn’t take Gs, couldn’t catch a target from behind, and couldn’t lock from the front.
Till the Alfa strike update, it got a bit “buffed” but still wasn’t competitive against AIM9M and R73, even in -11.7.
On the devblog, we could notice a big buff to it, it could finally take Gs and has a way better flare resistance, how cool !
And, now this missile is unplayable. Same G overload, cool, but this missile is the easiest to evade, from front, side, top and bottom, it takes only one flare to this missile to switch target. Even just turning is enough for this missile to loose the lock.
So with all that, the last option is to shoot from behind, if, of course, the range is <2.5km, and not increasing.
Without talking about the gameplay in Kabul, where you can’t lock a target on frontfight because of the sun. I never hit a target further than 3-4km, except a teammate that i killed from 7km, can’t understand why it has to happen to this poor mate…
The only kills that i got lately are only on non flaring target, “very” close targets or with canon.
So this missile is unplayable, and impossible to use, even in 11.7.
Talking about canons, the ballistic computer of the M2K is useless, i have a clip in which a target is at 900meters, perfectly aligned on the ballistic computer, i shoot, nothing touch.
AND, the "super"R530D is everything but super, loosing target while my lock is still active, slow and miss idk why, at least for this missile, i understand.

So i posted this simply to understand why all these non competitive features, because, I can’t find something on the minor updates reports and neither here.
Thank you to take time to read

There’s also Mistrals to talk about, which is already done, for about 2 years and nothing change, but anyway

ah yes, totally bad


if you had read what i said, the G were fixed, if you bring no explanations, you can keep that for you.

In my experience the Magic 2 performs much better than the r73 i dont have experience with the AIM9m but anytime a missile locks on me i am down

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btw an I-15 in this match, going 390km/h, strange for an RB

Magic 2 are extremely good within 2km. I have absolutely no issue using them and with the Mirage 4000 having that many you can get a few good kills every match with the current meta.

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Dawg I have 0 ideas what type of way you launch your magics, but they still perform normal and get kills for me

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sure, as on your screen on custom battle, no flare, no dodge, ofc it works bro

The screenshot isn’t even mine, but aight pookie

Then do a sourced bug report and improve it…

Magic 2 is really close to what it’s supposed to be IRL, a shot range missile.

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no way
that does not help

Skill issue !

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Very productive

It is possible we could see the magic 2 mk2 at some point that would increase the range to 20km and further improvement to the seeker.
all the current magic 2 needs really is its seeker shut off similar to aim 9m, or fov lowered and 50g, the range though I don’t see getting much better but shouldn’t matter next update at least on the 2000-5f when it gets Micas
I wouldn’t be surprised to see it buffed if the python 4 is around the corner

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Finnaly a nice guy ! And where do you find all this stuff? i never heard of a magic 2 mk2
50g looks a bit too much knowing that mica ir pull the same no?

the magic would be less efficient losing energy faster than a TVC missile (like the mica) it uses dual plane the magic can actually only fly this way the missile wouldn’t even work irl with how its modeled in game

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