French Missiles nerfed

I want speak about this problem there. Because Gaijin broke totally my favorite line up many times, with maj, patchs and more with many pay to win cheated Soviet Premium + so others at 10.+/-

And the SAM Roland is so crap and always be, but now, add to his crap 35° elevation, the missile who miss everything wobble now and roll!!
Same for AS30 who fall so directly, be too slow and wobble too. Even Magic 1 and 2 are bugged and wobble in pylone before launch.
And finally we have one of the best anti air weapons the Mistral be so crap and never hit even a ennemy who not dodge and fly straight! Pathetic how crap old IGLA now are better!
So no good anti air, nothing playable i prefere take amx30DCA even at 10.0. And next patch my precious CAS who are correct at their BR Jaguar/SEM gonna go to 10.7 where we don’t have a single tank and wanna face too OP 2S6. It was already eneugh to fight IRCCM for be pushed to a useless BR and most OP soviet don’t gona move a inch and stay in a cheated low BR!

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Pay to win? lol Not a thing, and Soviet equipment isn’t as good as you claim.
Wobble is a universal problem, which you now know.
Igla’s are inferior.



No pay to win??? 2S38 who don’t have this place in the game. If yes, so add the EBRC Jaguar who have the same situation who a recent add in army vehicule and not a proptotype like PVO. And PVO who perform similar to HSTVL but noiseless, with super long range fire conduit + high proximity fuse shell+ APHE and this at 10.3 and not 11.3! It’s not a cheated legal advantage for you?
And can we speak about the new T80UD premium who see this taugh nuts resist to an entire team in a 11.3 matchmaking (it’s a 10.0!!!) on “Abandonned factory” and kill all of them with the help of a 2S38 without die?
Soviet no pay to win, lol just go look the amount of game quick finish in less than 4 minutes or more, look amount of Nuclear nuke aka T80UD, Obj279, 2S38 etc…even BMP2M alone can fire while move

2S38 has tech tree equivalents: Strf 9040C, its literal twin and far older.
Object 279? lol it’s over-BR’d again cause people refused to fire HEATFS at it, not premium.
T-80UD is a sidegrade to T-72B, a tech tree tank.
BMP-2M has over 4 equivalent IFVs to it at 10.0, not premium.

You’d know all this if you looked at the tech trees of tanks.
Also if you want something more powerful for its BR than the 2S38 and Strf 9040C? VCC-8060.

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Just gonna pitch in on the Magic 2. It is by far one of the most obnoxious IR missiles to fight and blatantly undertiered. It outperforms the R-73, which it shouldnt, and is on-par with the AIM-9M (which is in of itself overperforming).
Also, the hell are you on about with the “OP” Tunguska? It has the same issues as every other SACLOS SAM now and has had them for several patches. Learn how to maneuver if you are struggling to dodge.


Lmfao the Magic-II is one of the most held back missiles in game. It’s still a fraction of what it’s supposed to be. The devs already know this and are keeping it intentionally nerfed

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No it’s not.

Then you tell me how all of the features it’s still missing are not holding it back

It’s not missing any features.

LMAO sure bud

-incorrect reduced FoV (strangely to match current R-73 hmmm)

-incorrect IRCCM implementation (should function as both push ahead and reduced FoV)

-incorrect overload (it always maneuvers with both planes so should be modeled as 50g)

-incorrect burn time (bit of a buff, bit of a nerf, longer smoke trail and slower acceleration, but longer burn means it maintains maneuverability)

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No missile in game uses duel-plane maneuverability. Furthermore every thing else is modeled based on the current available documentation.

Wrong. Things use dual plane once it has been proven it always steers in dual plane based on control method. And those additional issues have also already been supported and forwarded.

No they don’t, Gaijin has stated multiple times they only use single plane.

No. They use single plane numbers when it cannot be proven a missile always maneuvers in both planes.

No missile in game uses its dual plane number.

The comment you responded to wasn’t addressing aircraft.
Maturity and civility is an honorable trait.
Responding to a post about anti-tank weapons with some rant about how an anti-tank weapon cannot kill aircraft that well make no sense.

So what if I have favoritism toward NATO?
Why does my NATO favoritism matter?

16v16 was done in Gulf War, and more even.
Vietnam had airspace filled with over 100 aircraft.

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