French MBT bugged zoom

  • Hello there! I post because many French tank like AMX 30, 32 series and especially the worst of us as AMX40 have their gunner sight zoom removed or bugged.

Why all French MBT don’t have zoom now? And why my most played “AMX40” who are the rare at this BR and usefull are stuck to his maximum zooming?? I can’t aim correctly or aim/see something who are in average or close! He already have a crap thermic sight so with this now its problematic.

What do you do with zoom i nthis game? many vehicules have this problem, even my beautifull LYNX Helicopter now have a x12 in place of his x 65 from before. So try see someone at 7/8 Km with your Hellfire with a x12!! Its the same zoom as a plane in external view by clicking mousewheel!!!

Thx read my bad English.
PS: Please do something for Ground Simulation by changing this absurd Bracket and Br’s! more than 5 years many players yell and cry for this. Its the only thing and hope who make me stay in the game; i’m stupid to hope this…

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