French Battlship

French Danton Class Battleship as a 5.7 - 6.0 Br

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So I would say yes, but in game battleships start from 6.3. And since Gaijin and stubborn he will surely refuse to put in 5.7 (or before). Also the Danton class and a ready-Dreadnought I’m not sure that interests Gaijin.

Despite all I am for the post WW1 battleships to be implemented, one of the criticisms of the players on the naval is this low diversity in battle, Contre-Torpillieur vs Contre-Torpillieur, Cruiser vs Cruisers etc… It This needs to be diversified with Battleships that appear earlier. Especially since the Contre-Torpillieur present in low BR were historically designed to fight Battleships.

I advise you to glean as much information as possible and to make a detailed report that you can put in the “Suggestions” channel.

5.7 is certainly too low for a ship with 4x305 and 6x240mm combined salvo. 6.0 might be too depends on its armor layout really, maybe you can provide any data about it?

It’s not a good excuse… I want to remind you that the Danton class and a 1905 Battleship, ALL the boats in play are themselves designed to fight it’s battleship, knowing that at this BR there the DD and Cruisers date from 1940 for the most part, and without forgetting also that at BR 6.3 there are also DD and cruisers themselves confronted with Battleships.

And that’s one of the reasons that makes Naval unattractive, it’s this monotonous side, below 6.3 we only face ships of the same Type, it’s not diversifying, there are no possible strategies, Destroyers have almost no practical use, as their primary role is to fight battleships.

What prevents it is change, that is to say to make the games more diversified and more realistic / logical, it is the players who cry because they are afraid of falling against a battleship, but that’s how it is, lots of games mixes each type of ship and it goes very well, on the contrary it forces you to show strategy, the DDs find a real utility, and not just capping the points and then serving as shields.

For that to happen though would require a radical redesign of gameplay and maps. As it stands now, the fights are the equivalent of sticking 30 people in a 20x20 room and telling them to kill each other. You are putting the “98 pound weakling” in the same room as the 300 pound guy trained in Brazilian Jujitsu.

If you want destroyers fighting battleships and true fleet operations we need much bigger maps, better spawns, and different objectives.

Also, different nations had different roles for ship classes. A Japanese destroyer or cruiser with Long Lance torpedoes wasn’t going to get within several miles of an enemy fleet. The game in its current form spawns them within gun range of destroyers, cruisers, and battleships.

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On this point I agree the maps are not adapted.

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This is just offtopic, unhelpful and just plain pointless response.

If you dont like the gameplay you are welcome to choose different game, also maybe next time don’t be afraid of stating your opinions as your opinions, example:

that is the reason why you think is unatractive, there is no silent agreement on that, it is just your view

Back to the topic, if you like to play historically against ships bigger than yours, that’s ok but doesnt make you cooler. Every video games chooses what approximation of reality they will implement and wt decides to arrange warships by the power of their armament and general survivability.

So yeah it is good excuse to put a battleship that has more firepower and survivability than 5.7 ships on higher BR, it is just dumb to suggest otherwise and any arguments based on a year of service are worthless since gaijin never took year of service as a balancing factor

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From 1: I never said I don’t like the gameplay so relax boy. De 2: And that’s not just a personal thought but the feelings of many people I play with, so don’t talk too fast. From 3: How did I say it would “make me cooler”? De 4: It’s dumb for you, de suggests the opposite, on the contrary, I find it logical, everyone has their own way of thinking, it’s at least constructive. In any case, even if the date of commissioning of the ships has been set aside, the fact remains that they are supposed to be able to compete each in their own way. If you had read to the end you would also have seen that I had written that at BR 6.3 and + this is exactly what happens, destroyers against cruisers against battleships the destroyers at BR 6.3 must also undergo the fire of ships larger than ours and with the same difference in armament and survivability… So honestly what difference to the previous BR? From my point of view none. After I do not ask to have battleships at BR 3.3 or 3.7 put at least 5.7 or 4.7 at the limit, I finally pass… To talk about other things, choose some of the last near-Dreadnought to complete the trees and a good idea mainly for the TT which cannot necessarily be well supplied often due to a war having prevented the development of other ships. Because after all they generally have a similar caliber and similar protection, one of the differences is that the shells do not necessarily have the same characteristics and that the speed of the ships is slower.

The “pre-dreadnoughts” would fit at 5.7 - 6.0 without bother - we already have IJN Ikoma which is a sort of pre-dreadnought battlecruiser and HMS Glorious at 5.7.

the Danton is often called a “semi-dreadnought” because it was the last stage of pre-dreadnought design where teh secondary 240mm were almost big enough for primary armament of a battleship anyway, so 6.0 would be fine for it.


Eh you seem to be deaf to reason and already upset that somebody called you out for it. This is not the topic about how you would rework game to your liking, this is a topic about certain addition to the game in its current state. And in current state of a game a battleship on 4.7 would be plain unfair to anybody playing against it so no need to act smartass like you are doing some great thought experiment.

And yes everybody has silent friends who agree with each of thier statements so yeah it is your opinion.

My biggestconcern is the armor - both Ikoma and Glorious have rather poor armor. If Danton is the same I can see it on 6.0 but if it has armor more like a BB it would be more comparable to westfalen or von der tann and 6.3 would be more suitable

There is also the “Classe Liberté”


If you really want to have dreadnoughts and not the Dunkerque like someone already suggested to gaijin via the suggestion section or the Strasbourg it’s Sistership you could consider the original designs of certains ships for example the True Bretagne with it’s 10x 340mm canons. Or as the Russian already have many dream ships the Normandie which was not finished but the hull was used to build the Béarn Carrier.

I dream of having the Normandie, and as you said it’s just an unfinished ship (a bit like the kronstadt or the Z46) and not a non-existent ship so I think it has its place in the French TT. The Brittany version 5 turret and all that is secondary + torpedoes should have been the base, I really don’t see why they put this underarmed version, especially since opposite they are armed to the teeth, finally Gaijin does nothing logical with La Royale, In short the Dukerque and the Strasbourg will surely be added the French because the war could not develop many boats so put the little that exists and a necessity, the Richelieux will surely be added, even if I’m afraid that they put it in Premium knowing Gai jin, Otherwise there are two Classes which were under study but not completed, that is to say the “Lyon” class and the “Alsace” class which, despite their physical non-existence, had interesting configurations. Afterwards when I see the very low number of French TT suggestions (compared to other nations) I don’t really know what to think.

Normandie will appear at some point in the game in my opinion, it was more complete than all russian battleship/cruiser combined. I think it would fit nicely on 7.0 together with one of Dunkerque class ships that will be added quite soon.

Well, I hope for best

Neat, this might mean algerie or new battleship is comming. Not sure if galisonniare class used it tho.

I’m pretty sure that no French ships are coming in this update, for gaijin France is not a nation worth paying special attention to.

At the moment, and given the ships that the USA and USSR will be receiving (although let’s be honest, they don’t necessarily need them), the most likely would be the Normandie Class or the Dunkirk Class, as the Bretagne Class in the version that the developers have deliberately chosen doesn’t stand a chance against the Marat or the Texas, Arkansas.