French AS 656AA Panther Helicopter (to add a "attack helicopter" for France)

I wanted to have people’s opinion on french helicopters, and the lack of a lower tier “rocket/attack” helicoptere, as France (before getting it’s top tier Tigre) only get utility heli (so AS11/HOT missiles), and the only “light attack copter” of France (not even counting the H34 here) have absolutely horrible FFAR rockets even tho it says on the copter’s wikipédia page that it used the far better SNEB

So, i was wondering if there could be a “bigger , stronger heli” akin to what the US/Russian can spawn by the way of the Panther Helicoptere :
Modern, can carry a lot of rockets (hopefully have a rocket ballistic computer), look strong enough to tank most light fire (unlike Gazelle’s who only have a pretty window that makes your crew die to the slightest breeze)

Would you like this addition ? What else ?

  • Get new heli for France, leave existing heli as is
  • Get new heli for France ,buff/rework existing ones (updating FFAR for SNEB on Gazelle,…)
  • No new Heli, buff/rework existing ones
  • No new heli, no buff/rework

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We absolutely need this

Another thing about why i made this post : I feel kinda sad and defeating the purpose of getting heli that “You can always just grind for the good one (Tigre) with your tanks”, and also that pretty much every other same tier heli absolutely outshine French’s Heli by kms , either getting far better armament, far better “start of the round” payload,… (7 FFAR at rank VI, with no rocket ballistics is very painful, and getting rocket lead would already make it ever so slighty more useable in battle)
Pretty much french heli are not really useable unltil you get the point for HOT/AS11, which is something that 1- is not fun for enemy tanks (doesnt leave them much chance when you camp so far away and just snipe from the helibase to the battlefield) 2- doesnt feel engaging at all compared to “risking it all” and spawning with just rocket and gun, and trying your best to score some early point, (also give far much chance for enemy tanks to score a hit), all in all getting a new/changing already existing french heli in a “attack configuration” would be beneficial for everyone, make heli grind more fun, have less long range heli hover missile spam during matches, …

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