Freezing game in last update

Hello, I have a problem that when I turn on the battle, after about 30 seconds of the game, the image either drops out for 1 to 2 seconds or the image freezes - only warthunder does it, it didn’t happen to me 2 days ago. thank you for answer. it only lasts once at the start of a battle. AGAIN PROBLÉM one problém december and again problém last update, but reinstalling the game or reinstalling the driver doesn’t work, does anyone have the same problem?


Similarly to you I get fps drop in the hanger a bit freeze on battle start but then I freeze every 2-8 seconds every minute in game, both air and ground. Lowering graphics to minimum and even using old graphics card support made no change.

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Might be another Ram Leak starting again.

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Probably just have to take a break and hope it’s fixed eventually

When it happened last time, I just reset my game after every match.

Going by the patch notes it’s seems like they’ve noticed, it definitely is better (playable anyway) but still not fully fixed

Since about mid January of 2024 I have had all kinds of lag, makes playing the game almost impossible, lowered all graphics and nothing is helping i have even called my ISP. I have fiber optic internet, my system an Alienware Aurora R15 so I should have zero problems. It only happens on Warthunder, it could be Steam, I don’t know