Freezes when crash, kill someone, "attack d point"

unfortunately I have some issue- game freezes for about 0.5-1s- sometimes randomly, but more often when someone is killed, I make a critical hit, or when I am critted. Even when I open statistics with tab the issue happens. Also when someone is using “voice commands” idk what is the proper name of it, ex. attack d point, cover me, etc.
My laptop is not perfect, but I run it medium graphics 100fps all the time. It happens every game session, not every specific game.

I had the same problem yesterday, all I did was verify the integrity of the game files and it fixed it for me.

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pretty common with laptops considering the low thermal headroom, ever tried using v-sync?

Yo guys what I did and a lil bit helped is delete nvidia geforce experience. Tell me if there is in War Thunder v-sync option?

Had constant screen tearing yesterday, game restart cured it.

I’d suggest not removing things like that, and looking at why it could cause your issue…

Shadowplay is commonly a problem, especially when it’s using the same harddrive to record to as the game is running off.

You can also use nVidia Experience to optimize the game settings for your machine, which if you go customize, and take it back a couple of notches, can make everything run super smooth.