Freeze detected (8111000A)

ive had this issue for a few days now but every time i open war thunder it black screens on startup to the point where i have to restart my computer. when i updated my driver it let me pl;ay for like an hour before it froze and same with updating windows.

ive tried
updating graphics driver
updating windows
deleting cache
opening as administrator
i do not have anything overcclocked
i do not have any custom skins (commpletly vanilla)
i have contacted gaijin multiple times and gotten the same useless answer op “your drivers are outdated” no they arent i am manually updating them on geforce.
verifying game files

please help i dont know what to do

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This happens to me as well but takes a little longer. Usually after the game is on for 4 hours.

Im getting the same error But the game wont even launch

Add the game folder to your antivirus exemptions…

This is about the only thing I don’t see in the OPs comment, not to mention you’ve not listed anything of what you’ve tried.

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Помогло удаление антивируса или можно попробовать добавить war thunder в исключения как и написали выше

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