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Description: The Freccia PortaMortaio is the mortar variant of the Freccia, equipped with a mortar instead of the IFV turret and spike. It features great mobility, great firepower, and great speed. But let’s talk about the history of the Freccia. The Freccia is an IFV used mainly for transporting troops and supporting the infantry in anti-tank operations. The development started back in 1998, when the Italian army required a new troop transport vehicle to replace the old M113. The first prototype left the production site in 2002, and the production line started six years later. The first order included a total of 249 units that were delivered from 2008 to 2017, and the Italian Parliament in 2020 approved the production of 381 more Freccia in the basic and new configurations, like this one, the PortaMortaio. This second order was made to create a second brigade, and in October 2020, 340 units of a total of 630 units were delivered. Talking about this variant in detail, it has the same amount of armor as the normal Freccia, and the main change from the normal Freccia is the complete removal of the turret that is replaced with two different variants of mortar: the first with an 81 mm mortar and the second with a Brandt Thomson MO-120-RT-61 120 mm mortar. Another interesting feature is that the veichle can close fully retract the mortar for better mobilty.

How it can work:

For sure, this vehicle without a dedicated mechanic will work very hard and will be very difficult to balance, so here I will propose two different mechanics to make this vehicle capable of working in War Thunder:

1) The vehicle will be able to have access to a height view of the map, like the system present in other games such as World of Tanks. The main problem with this system in other games tanks can go “invisible,” and an artillery vehicle like this won’t be able to permanently spot every other enemy tank. Obiously, in war thunder, this is not possible since tanks can’t go “invisible,” and this mechanism will be completely broken since it will be able to permanently spot the enemy team.

2) Since recon drones were introduced in the game some time ago, I think that this vehicle could work very well with a dedicated drone mechanic.

Basically, when the game starts, the player with an artillery vehicle like this will have the drone already ready and it will be able to be used when spawned. But how will the fire mechanism work?

The Veichle will launch the drone, and it will be able to spot and see the enemy team. With a new dedicated mechanic, the vehicle will be able to fire at a point set by the drone and hit while the player is in the drone’s view. This mechanic will be much more balanced compared to the previous one, since drones are already in the game, and they will not be able to see the whole map since they are pretty slow. With this mechanic, there is also the possibility of implementing new scout drones for every nation.

If You have some other ideas about how this can work , please leave a comment describing Your idea, it will be very useful to see different ideas from all the type of different players

Why it should be in the game:

I think this veichle could be a very interesting for the implementation of new mechanics and it will be a very unique veichles for Italy



Mortar Specifications

120 mm (Brandt Thomson MO-120-RT-61):

Fire Rate: 18 shells per minute

Range: 8140 m with normal shells, 13 km with self propelled shells

Weight: 582 kg

Shells tipology: HE

Number of shell: 10 + 1 in the gun

Reload: An automatic reload of nearly 4 second

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81 mm (Mortaio da 81mm EXPAL):

Range: 6.900 metres

Shells tipology: HE

Number of shell: 10 + 1 in the gun

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Other weapons

1x 12.7 remote machinegun


Mortaio da 120 mm - Coccarde Tricolori

Mortaio rigato da 120 mm - Esercito Italiano

Mortaio da 81mm EXPAL - Esercito Italiano

VBM Freccia - Militarypedia














VBM Freccia - Militarypedia

VBM Freccia - Militarypedia

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A mortar carrier… You think really you can do anything with that in the game currently???

We dont have indirect fire mode and shells take 30s to hit your target du his parabolic trajectory…

Despite my reservations, I’m still going to give this a +1. I think it has a possibility of working out and honestly think that vehicles like these are the only way we’d get an “indirect fire” mode since pretty much any conventional gun artillery that can be added simply doesn’t have the necessary minimum ranges. Mortars, on the other hand, can get their ranges down to those within War Thunder map sizes. That being said, we should get direct fire capable mortar systems before indirect ones.

The specificity of mortar are to have a parabolic trajectory, that incluing a minimal fire range and a long time for the shell to travel on tha trajectory

That vehicle can useful if GJ add a special site for use indirect fire at 3km (minimum) of the battlefield (for exemple, arround helipad at 4.4km).

But even with that sort of site, the problem is the time of delay between shoot and the impact, around 40s for a mortar.

It can be a nice addition to our collection. +1



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+1 yes, it would be fun to play