Freccia P-493 doesn't deserve a BR 4.7, lowering it to the same level as the Jaguar with a BR 4.0

Freccia P-493 does not deserve a BR 4.7, it must be lowered to the same level as the Jaguar with a BR 4.0 in R.B. and BR4.3 in A.B.

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So play it and lose a lot so that it’s performance reflects that.

I can agree to 4.3 but no lower as imo the Breda 40 mm/70 autocannons are in fact much later cold war design to the 40 mm/70 model 48 an those with tear apart a lot of thing if it fought 3.0.

The Freccia class Motoconvertibili are still both stuck with legacy BR’s from a time when ship DM’s were rather basic & those autocannons did double damage but since they’re rarely played now they stay stagnant at 4.7 due to not enough stats (most likely), The P-493 & P-494 should be lowered to 4.3.

I include the Saetta as the Nettuno AShM is not as effective as it used to be having much of its explosive mass removed some time ago.

It’s on the other hand a surprise no other still current powerhouse vessels are 4.7 like the dreaded Project 159 & Project 35 but we can probably crock that up to soviet bias which is a poppycock thing to say.

Hm Italy is a rough TT to play as there’s not enough effective equipment in & is probably the tree that suffered the most from the TT split from a researching standpoint, I can think of so many vessels that would improve their TT from pre WWII subchasers to WWII Torpedo Boats (north 400 tonnes types) & onwards to cold war frigate & heh a ship that could be a 2.3 with the largest cannon in game.

Why should I buy a crippled vehicle? When all the other nations instead have free and stronger vehicles because they are at a lower BR? I would only buy this vehicle if they lower the BR, otherwise there is no point in using it,it’s just a waste of money.

In this case unfortunately the reason it is so high is because of the players complaining about this addition in italy, the moderators because of the complaints raised the BR, then some time passed and the moderators added vehicles with the same firepower but at lower BRs for the other nations, and they forgot to lower the BR of the Italian vehicle again.

It’s hardly crippled - with 3 x 40mmL70 it’s by far and away the best gunboat in the game - literally 50% more firepower than Jaguar.

Killed a Jaguar in 10 seconds flat 1:1 a couple of days ago - with just the 2 x 40mm…If you can’t make that work for you then that is your problem, not the boat’s.

Yes, I know, it has an extra turret and that makes it a good ship for destroying patrol boats, but the Jaguar has 4 torpedoes which makes it good for destroying destroyers, which Freccia P-493 cannot do.
When you evaluate a vehicle you have to evaluate it as a whole, conclusion Freccia P-493 does not deserve the BR it was given only out of hatred.