France repair cust for planes in BR IV pos la royale

the cost of repairing BR IV planes in france is absurdly high, to be honest they got worse after patch la royale.
In general, for all civs, patch la royale greatly improves the quality of life and the economy of the game, but there are cases outside the curve, such as France in BR IV.
Only BR IV is having this problem with the cost of repair in france tech tree, a good example of this is the f4u-7 plane, which before repair cost 2,900 sl and is now in the range of 3700 sl.
Another aircraft that had a reduction in the america tree but suffered a slight price increase in the french tree is the f8f-1B, where in the american tree it has its repair cost in the fax range of 2,900 sl, in the french arove the same plane has its repair price in the range of 3,900 sl.
in addition, the VB.10-02 continues with an absurd price for a 4.3 aircraft

I don’t think 3-4k is absurdly high, in RB those same planes are over 10.000, the VB. 10-02 is 8200 SL as well.
Anything below 5k isn’t generally worth worrying about.

It simply looks like France has just slightly better pilots than US players.

A real sign of quality regarding average pilot skills:

If you compare rank IV IT P-47 D-30 at BR 5.0 with rank III P-47 D-30 at BR 5.0 from China you might get the point - repair cost 9.200 for Italy and ~ 3.000 for China for exactly the same plane. The more or less identical US P-47 D-28 at BR 5.0 (only difference is lack of air brake) sits around 4.300 SL.

Nothing to see here…

You’re insane, try German repair cost.

the reference values ​​in the AB