Frame skipping/stuttering/1% low fps issues correlated with ground quality

I have noticed that no matter how the rest of the graphics settings are set, if ground quality slider is set above half in air battles, the game looks like it’s running at 40fps if you track objects with your eyes while moving the camera, even though the fps counter shows 80-100 fps.

It’s also a problem on some ground maps, the most severe example is tunisia, on which i get 60-70fps, but it looks more like 30fps, the only thing fps depends on is ground quality. On tunisia the only way to feel 60fps is to set ground quality to the lowest setting possible.

I would have no problem with that and just play with ground quality at half since i can’t see any difference, but then you can clearly see unloaded terrain on the edges of the screen and you can see it load it when you zoom in. Seems like this optimization trick has been poorly done and it loads in too late. By the way you can also see water not having reflections on the edges of the screen in ground battles.

My setup is: msi rtx 3050 gaming x, i5 12400, 1440p 144hz monitor with g sync compatible, 16gb ram 3200mhz cl16.

I play in 4k (using nvidia dsr, not dldsr since it conflicts with dlss), with dlss on performance, every graphics setting set to max and i get around 80-100fps in the air, 70-90 fps on the ground. The framerate is very unstable and can drop briefly below 60 fps at any moment.

I do a clean install of gpu drivers after every game update, because it helps a little bit. Nvidia control panel is optimized for fps.

P.S. Overall the problem is extremely map dependant, the worst maps are tunisia (ground), zhengzhou and spain.


Yes been a couple of months, a lot of other players having the same issue. Its not hardware its software.

Whilst ‘a lot’ of players mention things, it’s not necessarily the same.

And many just assume it’s the game, based on their assumption, when checked to see what they’ve done, they’ve checked nothing, but others have said that it’s the game so they feel they don’t need to check it, because ‘a lot’ of others say that they have the issue.

I’ve seen this mentioned, but barely anyone has mentioned their specs, and I do think it could be a hardware based issue because I don’t encounter it, and I run AMD CPUs.

I do however have my optimization tweaked back to the stage where vsync isn’t enabled.

(Edit - And 2 month old thread as well…)