Frame drops from 340Fps to 3Fps and game crashes

After a break from playing WT i returned today to WT… and i got really game breaking frame drops from 120FPS (Framelimiter active) to 3(!!) FPS for a couple of seconds… and after a few seconds it happens again and again and again…

I have all drivers up to date!
My rig:
CPU: AMD 7950X3D
RAM: 2x 16GB DDR5-6000CL30
Some SSD’s etc.
Every other game is running absolute smooth!
Only the moneygrabber from Gaijin fxxxs me up!

I play on high settings, not on film… but the frame drops are ruining the hole game!
I played in december 2023 without any issues with the same rig!

So what’s going on?
Is there something i could do? (Except playing other games!)
Is this a snail-issue??

Really, after all the years playing WT it seems getting worse and worse… :-(