FPS sudden drops

Handwear : Rtx 4090oc &i9-13900k

Took a bit of a break from war thunder and came back to notice after 15 seconds i go from a consistent 150fps down to 50fps and bellow. my computer was more than capable to hold 150-250 fps easily but for some reason the drop always happens after 10 seconds. didn’t change my graphics settings either just started happening our of the blue. below are the performance logs (i believe i did it right) the first one was me going into a test flight and the 15 seconds ran out and suddenly dropped to 40 fps after 4 seconds of being in the flight and the second one i was in the menu not moving the camara or touching anything and still experience the fps drop. hopefully you can help
2024_04_15_19_42_40__30044.clog (866.3 KB)
2024_04_15_19_44_03__13876.clog (1.1 MB)

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