FPS stutters after the last update

I haven’t been logging in for a month, just updated the game and Air RB is literally unplable because of FPS stutters, ingame FPS counter shows 150+ fps meanwhile gameplay is 20 fps. In Ground RB it’s much more playable yet sudden stutters are there.

My specs are 7500f, 32Gb 6000mhz, rtx4060

Here’s the video, it seems much better, yet it’s literally hurts to play

Have you checked to make sure WT is running on the GPU and that you don’t have any other heavy apps running on it too? Hell, even browsers these days now can suck system resources.

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same thing here, i used to the run the game On Max settings and it ran perfectly 200fps+ with no sttuter, than i had problems switched to high, than even more problems and switched to medium and the stutter is unbearable and now playing on ULQ with stutter (very heavy in ARB).

I don’t know why that would happen but one of the major things that played role in making it hard on my PC to run is playing 16v16 top tier too much flares and too much stuff going on that my PC cannot handle it anymore (same thing goes for GRB).

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Dagor is very picky about drivers. Make sure you update them as soon as an update becomes available.

What GPU and driver are you running off of?

GTX 1650 4GB vram, when i was playing a noticed that i didn’t update my drivers since early 2023 i thought that would be the problem but when i did update them didn’t really fix anything.

Latest Nvidia drivers currently

I’m not sure what running on GPU means but I tried different settings through ingame and Nvidia app, all the same

My drivers are up to date, in GB it’s much more smooth…

A PC has basically 2 computers in it (many more if you count all the processors or “cores”), the CPU that is the main computer, and the GPU or the graphics card, that is supposed to be for doing things like games. Sometimes what should be running on the GPU can be on the CPU which is not optimal and so can get bogged down much more easily.
Down in the task bar should be an icon for your graphics card that can show which apps are running on which processor.

Is your VRAM peaking? That’s a pretty big factor with stuttering, and expected when you have 4gb ram

i honestly have No idea to be honest since MSI after burner doesn’t plug to the game for some reason, now what i have noticed my CPU going 100% in all games and GPU between 40-50% and rams are full. in some games i do get good FPS like 100+ but i cannot stabilize them which makes it unplayable.

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Task Manager is what you’d wanna check for that, unless you want to pin the afterburner hardware monitor.

CPU at 100% is either an affinity problem or a horrible cpu.
RAM being full is either a problem with a poor OS, lots of applications open, or a RAM leak.
VRAM is just dependent on graphics settings.

what is a RAM leak and affinity problem ?

RAM leaks are just programming errors or poorly managed files on certain engines, and isn’t something you can really avoid. Just be sure you have lots of memory.

Affinity is the allocation of CPU cores. Some drivers cause CPUs to give an application the improper amount of processing power, be it too much or not enough.

I dont think my issue is about ram leaking

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Lock your frame rate to 60 or 80. Your gpu is trying to max out frames all the time but you may see a more solid performance locking your frame rate.

Legit question but cpu would never run such a game at such fps, even taking into account these stutterings