FPS stuttering, heavy drops and overall performance issues ever since Major Update "Kings of Battle"

I make this post to open discussion about the said topic, that being how ever since the Major Update “Kings of Battle” the game has been on a down hill in terms of being optimized.

The reason I open this thread, is because I myself am not sure what exactly is the reason, but based on some of my observations I do believe that the beginning for this can be outlined ever since that update. I noticed this via looking at some of my Medal clips, which for those who are unaware, is a real-time game “clipping” software which allows you to capture moments in real time.

This software, before this update, worked fine and caused no issues but ever since the update the footage it records is very much stuttering – while this alone is not linked to the issue, I personally recall that before that issues such as sudden FPS drops were uncommon, if not entirely rare and only caused by rare instances in which an FPS drop may be understandable due to my PC being lower end. To drive away the usual “have you done (insert casual advice)”, yes, I have done everything that I could to try to fix it yet it has never dissipated. I run the game on low graphics, and my PC before the update could run the game as intended.

I also did some quick searching and indeed, I am not the only one who has had this issue ever since the update. I have also noticed some other threads, about this topic on the forum and wish to give my 5 cents as to what could be causing the issue. I also ask for others to see if my theory holds correct, because I do say this with a pretty high level of certainty that the issues started ever since king’s of battle.

That is all, please do create conversation so we could try to solve this issue and actually direct a proper bug report to Gaijin.

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I actually had nVidia Experience creating 14 video files for one instance of death…

It almost crashed my machine it was that bad. 14 videos all covering the same 40 second period, but 54 seconds worth of footage, shown in 560 seconds of files.

Completely removing my CPU/GPU drivers and reinstalling them fixes the problem for a session for me, but I refuse to do that every time I wanna play. And the stuttering does get worse over time (days of not reinstalling drivers). I’m currently at 0.5 sec stutters every couple seconds, and micro stutters every other second. Between stutters, my fps is 120+

Changing my graphics options also seems to do nothing to combat the stuttering, neither does reinstalling the game.

Having WT open does slow down opening everything, so it might be CPU related (I still have several gigs of RAM available, so I doubt that’s it).

Not sure which update this started in for me, but at least since the Air Superiority update.

My hardware is
Ryzen 7 7700X
RX 6900 XT 16 GB
32 GB DDR5-5600
1tb nvme

  • Did you use DDU, if not, then you should, if you done it, do not let the Window install your driver, get in the OEM of your GPU and dowload the drivers their, not WHQL from AMD website. And if you can, try to find the version that you feel stable the most in the past.
  • Other then that, Overclock your RAM to at least 6000 CL 34, sometime AMD Zen 5 act abit weird with low “standard XMP speed”.
  • And remember to save your keybind preset to reset the game setting.

It’s definitely a optimization issue. My pc specs are :
-GPU: gtx970
-CPU: I5-4690k
-RAM: 2x8GB 1600mhz

Before the last two big updates (i think or maybe just the last one), i could play at medium or high settings at 90-110 fps. Now at ARB when i get to the engagement zone my fps go from 90-110 to 30-40. It’s definitely a optmization issue and i already try everything , since making sure my drivers are updated, lowering the graphics settings and reinstalling the game on a SSD. The funny thing is this fps drops dont happen when i play ARB bellow BR 10 or any BR at GRB.
This is a problem for the developers to fix with a patch.