FPS drops to 28 on an RTX GPU

How does Gaijin explain FPS drops (from 200+ FPS down to 28 FPS!!!) on an RTX 2060 GPU that I have in my rig, while I use minimum graphics setup???

Have you done all the typical current driver updates and things? Are other games affected?

Need to form a proper troubleshooting list of things to go through in these kinds of instances to be honest.

Various situations, with various checks and all that.

yeah you’re right but I haven’t experienced FPS drops before (I’ve had this same rig for almost 6 months now and been playing WT daily for around 2 years)

well you see I’ve had this rig for almost 6 months now and I’m playing WT daily for around 2 years now (3.2K hours on Steam) and never experienced FPS drops like that before, also yeah my drivers are up to date

How often is it dropping?

I seen a video earlier someone posted of it being every few seconds or something.

Have you cleared out the compiledshaders folder in the game folder?

And when did you update your drivers last too?

just this once it randomly fell down to 28 FPS and I had it for like 20 seconds I recon (also got killed because of this as I couldn’t aim my sights correctly)

If it only happened once I’d check the machine a bit.

See how you go, I actually have to go out, but I wish you luck, I’ll pop back in later on.

I’d also check you have highlights disabled in nVidia Experience… That’s spammy as (Records 8 times of the same thing for me)

If its just once its not that big of an issue, if its more constant that would be a problem. I would lock your frame rate to be honest to help your GPU from working overtime constantly for 200fps. I have mine locked at 120, that way the gpu isnt being pushed constantly.

You also may want to make sure there isnt a lot of dust built up that could overheat the gpu.

yeah ik NVIDIA experience has been spamming my folders a lot, but I just clear them after each session

Yea, try turning it off. If you’ve got the game, windows and the video folder on the one drive that’ll give a LOT of weight.

do we even get access to FPS limiter setting? because yeah I don’t need 200+ FPS on my 144Hz monitor, but yeah lmk

will try, thanks!

You have to do it through the NVIDIA control panel

Screenshot 2024-05-19 065452

Also on the dust part, it’s a pretty new rig so it couldn’t be a problem and I can monitor it as I have a glass side panel. Also it sitting pretty high on top of the table so yeah can’t suck in that nasty stuff from the floor

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ah alright, never touched that part of Nvidia, anyway thanks for the tip!

you cant see the dust that is inside the heat sinks on the gpu, you would be surprised on a little can of air blast the dust that comes out.

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ah also I forgor to add the part that my friend who’s in call with me and was playing with me in the same match at the time had the same FPS drop at the same time as myself (yeah he has a weaker rig, but it doesn’t explain how this could affect multiple players at once)

Interesting, what mode was it, and what map even?

GRB, Hurtgen Forest 10.7-11.7 BR range (I can find you the server replay, but I think it won’t help with that)